Few things I have learnt this week…


Whatever you have in mind – forget it. Whatever you have in your hand – Give it. Whatever is to be your fate – Face it. – Sufi Proverb

Jerusalem-Villages-Palestine-Israel-69 I also found this beautiful letter:

Dear Woman, Sometimes, you’ll just be too much woman. Too smart, too beautiful, too strong. Too much of something, that makes a man feel less like a man, what will make you feel less like a woman. The biggest mistake you can make, is removing Jewels from your crown, to make it easier for a man to carry. When this happens, I want you to understand, you do not need a smaller crown, You need a man with bigger hands.

My hat’s off to the one behind the above words…. And to all the men and women out there. Be who you are, and choose the person to complete you, to help you be more of who you are as you help them be more of who they are. Don’t choose someone who cheats you.

Jerusalem-Villages-Palestine-Israel-47 Last but not least…

When you let go of the wrong things, you give God a chance to put the right things into place.

Enjoy your week, look out for the jewels that are hidden around for you to find and collect, find them, share them, and cherish them. 

Life on a broken wheel


Tires break. They exhaust, they travel distance and they get ruined.

By listening, by feeling by understanding we will stop our engine and check our tires. If one is broken we fix it or maybe change it to a new one.

In life, our soul is the engine, our wheels are our choices in life; career, love, family, friends… Being aware, is being able to listen to our inner soul.
In usual cases, we keep going, we break our tires and we hurt both our body and soul. The more we run over our broken wheel, the deeper we scratch and ache.

It is a challenge to completely stop when we think we are on our way, but life on a broken wheel will only break us apart.

So I choose to listen to myself carefully and to stop completely when I feel my wheel might be broken. I stop and take a look, rest to fix or change my broken wheel. I choose to see the challenge as a reviving opportunity. A new tire, a new way, and stronger way.

a picture taken in goa with 2 indians traveling on a motorbike

A life on a stronger wheel.