A Safari Getaway 

A trip from Heaven.

Just get out of the real world for a little bit and enter the world of the wild. A land not far away from your own land, leave the houses that are scattered next to one another, roads that are blocked with traffic jam, sounds of transportation and people running around; leave all this behind, and enter the animal world. Where the green is an endless front line, being in the look out to meet new animals and faces, enjoying a journey between the long trees and the long giraffes, catching a hunt or an animal migration, watching the sunrise or the sunset, sleeping between the sounds of wild animals; get out of the real world, and enter the Jungle.

Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara

We went for four days, three nights, we tried a night in a luxury camp, semi luxury camp and a regular camp. My best advice would be, spend a little more or spend the least. Either stay in a regular camp, or find yourself a luxury camp that is worth to remember forever. It is a lifetime memory, a beautiful experience.

Our luxury camp happened to be outside of Serengeti, so make sure it is within the wild, and overlooks the beauty of its scenery. Our semi luxury camp was alright, and the regular camping was the most thrilling and fun. Located in the very middle of the wild, we saw a Hyena before we went to bed. The sound of lions and other animals were heard during the night in both the semi luxury camp and regular camp.

I would also recommend double checking with the quality of the car you are riding on, you will be basically living in it. We happened to get stuck in the mud for hours in the middle of the wild with no radio, no electricity and no emergency plan. Therefore, make sure to ask if the CB radio or Walkie Talkie between guides is working inside the car, the electricity and possibility to charge your phone is available, the wheels and emergency backup plans are considered. Also, make sure your guide is cool and fun, easy-going and communicates well.

It is all about luck in Safari, but knowing things in advance will help you enjoy your journey. I advice to let go and enjoy the beautiful wild life. No matter what happens. And if you get stuck like we did, then just believe in your destiny. A moment in the wild can reform you, and can mend you, so be loose, and open to receive.

In my below post, you will see the animals we encountered, the beautiful culture and faces of the Masai, and the breath-taking scenery of the wild life.

Hakuna Matata


Serengeti, Safari, Jeep, Wild

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What we got to see during our ride was incredible, some times we were able to get off the car, and other times, we had to stay still and silent, we got introduced to each animal for the first time, and even if it was not our first time, it felt very close and personal.

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