Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mochi, Kikuletwa

Dar es Salaam 

There was nothing much to do in Dar es Salaam, we stayed for a night in a very cute hotel next to the airport “Trinity Hotel”. It is a good hotel to stay in for a night or two. We only had the evening, so it was dark, we were recommended to go have dinner at Slipway hotel. The very following morning, we headed to catch out flight to Arusha.



Celebrating my thirty-first birthday

Arusha was very chilled place, we stayed in Hotel Arusha which is recommended, it was close by to everything and clean. There is not so much to do in Arusha but to really enjoy the nature, there is the Arusha Market, and few places to eat in.

African man, Artist, Tanzania, Arusha

Moshi – Overlooking Kilimanjaro 

We heard so much about the Kikuletwa Hot Springs which was about two hours drive from Arusha passing through Moshi overlooking the massive beautiful mountain of Kilimanjaro. Worth the ride by all means from beginning to end, a true treasure, my best thirty-first gift from nature. This is when you know… Life is full of Miracles.

Overlooking Kilmanjaro, trees, tanzania, climb

People, African, Tanzanian, Moshi, Tanzania, Kilimanjaro

Kikuletwa Hot Springs 

And you think it could not have gotten any better, this place is magic. True meaning of Magic. The water can never be more blue, metallic blue, and the green surrounding it creating shade for you to swim in full peace, a taste of serenity, a lasting drop of zen into your core. I can never forget the feeling I received in like a message from the Divine into my soul. You will for sure doze off, space out into your own world of connection. Love at first sight it is.

Kikuletwa, hot springs, water, africa, tanzania, african, nature, magic, divine

Kikuletwa, hot springs, water, africa, tanzania, african, nature, magic, divine