Jura Mountains


Switzerland is very famous for its Alps mountains, but I was lucky to experience and explore the North side of the Western Alps, The Jura Mountains.

The Jura Mountains is located in Switzerland and extended into France and Germany.

Foggy Green Swiss Mountain

I joined a workshop and we stayed at the Tannenheim House.

Switzerland Mountain and Greenery We spent some of the days in and some of the days out camping.

Camping in Jura Mountains SwitzerlandEnjoy the sound of Cows and Cow bells during the day and night.

Jura Mountains Switzerland

It was my first time to ever come close or even see a Lama.

Jura Mountains Switzerland

The scenery and nature are just breathtaking, you can never get enough of the view. And the higher you hike, the nicer the view is. I traveled there in October, the weather was cold most of the time, so I do recommend a better season. Also go with an active group and go hiking, I also think it is the perfect place for meditation and self-reflection.

Jura Mountains Switzerland


My favorite time while I am on my travel is always catching the Sunrise and the Sunset.Jura Mountains Switzerland

Pictures are worth a million words when it comes to the beauty of Nature. Swiss-Mountain-oberburg7Swiss-Mountain-oberburg6Check out the Jura Mountain Morning Diary Here. 

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