NewYork City

NewYork City in 48 hours 

7.5 hour Road Trip from Montreal


1- Carry a big bag that can fit your (heels). If you only have 48 hours you have very little time to change from day-wear, to evening-wear.

2- Refreshments and a Makeup bag will also come in handy.

3- You are lucky if you have a friend in NYC. If not, then plan your trip ahead of time, there is so much to see and do.

4- If it is a road trip from outside of the US, then expect a stop at the borders with a very disrespectful treatment.

5- Get goodnight sleeps a week before heading to NYC, it requires lots of energy and you will have very little time to sleep.

After 7.5hours of driving, this boarder seemed like the gateway to heaven until we were welcomed in the most unexpected way, we were treated like hostages for around an hour.

There is something about those tall buildings that just grabs your attention as soon as you enter the city. I love staring at them.

We stayed at this very cute affordable hotel called The Pod Hotel. I loved the screens behind the reception counter that kept playing random photos of NYC – absolutely cool.

The yellow cab… the very famous NYC Taxi…

One of the beautiful things about NYC is the diversity and different lifestyles that you see around.

Arrived starving! Our beautiful friend and cousin took us to this amazing casual and chic | Cafe Habana that serves tasty Mexican corn and good food. Yummie

Walking around is a must in Manhattan.

Graffiti is Fun

Yummy looks and tastes and smells very very Yummy. Baked by Melissa is a corner cupcake bakery.

Shop at Brandy Melville, the theme inside the store is just beautiful.

Window Display’s in Manhattan are Brilliant. This one was for LV back in summer 2011.

NewYork City is the Big Apple, keep your eyes open.

“Buddakan” for delicious food. The settings and interior design is superior.

Like the Barmacie in Montreal… A lounge that looks just like an emergency room or a pharmacy? Located between twisted streets of China-Town; Apotheke is a place that is hard to forget because it is quirky and different.

We stopped by Brooklyn the 2nd day and walked around.

Great Breakfast at”egg” restaurant – ask for extra hash-browns.

Shoefiti or Shoe Tossing is something you might randomly see around the city.

Because of the Big Apple, your break is just around any corner, your hotel is just always too far.

Every shop is tempting, try to get in as many as possible… very inspiring..

Times Square is crazy busy and very commercial, but you just can not miss it. 

Look for the Live Web Camera that is installed in the middle of Times Square and try to find yourself 🙂

Broadway Shows – If you have the time, watch a show. 

Inside the Times Square Information Center… New year’s Eve 2011 Post it Wishes, Hopes and Dreams.

I Love NYC…

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