Al Balad – Downtown Amman

البلد – عمان

Almost everywhere around the world, Downtown is where the primary shops are located and the best of the events take place, it is where everyone wants to hang out and be at, but in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, things are a little different.

Downtown Amman means the old market, the vintage town; it is where you go to shop for fabrics, accessories, you will find antiques amongst electric equipment and vintage furniture, gold and silver, you will find all sorts of vegetables, fruits, meats, herbs, spices, and breads. The cool part is that everything is at half price from the rest of the city, and the best part is that until today that is 2014, you will feel you have went at least 50 years back in time. Al-Balad (which stands for downtown Amman) is part of Jordan’s heritage, it is part of our culture, and it truly is a one of a kind experience.

Here, I am sharing my photographs of what I found is Art in Al Balad downtown Amman.
A picture of al balad downtown amman jordan market place Our mother Amman the city of Jordan at the Balad downtown area with a man from the municipality A white car parked infront of a very old house on the way to downtown amman al baladAn old man with a chair reading a newspaper in the middle of the streets to downtown al balad amman Jordanwhat you get to see while you shop and walk at the Al Balad downtown AmmanAn old shop between trees in al balad downtown AmmanSteps that take you to several locations shops in Al balad downtown AmmanJamea Al Hussein Mosque downtown Amman little boxes of houses in downtown Al Balad Amman JordanGraffitti wall in between old houses in Amman DowntownOld windows and balcony in downtown Amman Alaadin style alley or street in downtown Amman al baladthree ladders of all sized leaning on antique vintafe buildings downtown amman A side entrance bench at the amphitheater roman theater downtown Amman The roman amphitheater Amman Jordan downtown Street sign traffic downtown al balad Ammanvintage paint wall in the streets of downtown A sign to the mosque written by hand in the streets of downtown Amman al baladA handwritten sign to a hotel in downtown Albalad Amman Small staircase between green trees downtown amman long retro staircase in albalad downtown ammanLong colored retro staircase in al balad Amman downtown Blogger Razan Masri on a staircase in albalad Amman A very old bookshop in the middle of the al balad amman central downtown An old magazine book shop near by the gold market in Al Balad Old vintage postcards of jordan at al balad downtown AmmanSilver coins and antiques at al balad downtown jordan Fake gold jewelry boxes in al balad downtown AmmanCharcoal shop at downtown Amman al baladA very old retro mens Barber in downtown amman albaladShisha and accessories for hubbly bubbly downtown AMMAN The most antique shop you will ever find in Amman jordan downtown al baladAn old man still making shoes and asking for money at albalad downtown AmmanPortrair of An old man still working at his own menswear shop downtown albaladAbu Hatem restaurant between a small alley in downtown albalad ammanOne of the oldest hotels in Amman al balad restaurant area Al Balad hotel entrance area Hatouta is a modern new restaurant that serves main arabian dishes in a retro modern style in downtown AmmanJafra is one of the popular cafe restaurants at albalad downtown amman Herbs that you can buy at downtown amman al baladSpices and herbs sold at albalad downtown AmmanMixed nuts at albalad downtown AmmanFutoq sudani or nuts at albalad downtown AmmanA 60 year old mini market that has everything and sells everything at the Al balad downtown AmmanSyrian sweets sold between the shops of Al Balad downtown AmmanDesert and sweet at downtow albalad AmmanWhite small door in the middle of a hill in downtown al balad AmmanA very old framless doorless  entrance at downtown albalad amman jordanA burgandy door albalad downtown Red door at al Balad downtown AmmanA very old fish restaurant oberg albalad downtown Amman A closed green garage door with a shisha argeeleh or hubblly bubbly and an empty chair infront of it albalad amman Antique door at albalad Downtown AmmanGrey door in the middle of a very old house Downtown Amman Al BaladPink wall antique entrance stairway at Al Balad downtown Amman JordanThe city is clean from its citizens quote on garage door in downtown Amman Al Baladالبلد نظيفه باهلها is written on the Orange brick which means, the country is clean by its citizens. So keep it clean.

I hope this photo diary of mine, gives you a little something of our beautiful authentic Jordan.

Lots of love, leave me your comments. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Al Balad – Downtown Amman

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  2. اليوم يا ياخذني الحنين الى مدينتي
    اشعر بشوق غريب , و اكثر ما استطيع فعله هو البحث عن صور الامكان
    فاخذت بالبحث و وجدت مدونتك الرائعه
    شكرا لك فقد رويتي عطش روحي
    الكثير من الامكان التي صورتها زرتها و لي فيها ذكريات سعيده

    شكرا جزيلا لجهدك
    المهندس اشرف العواملة

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  3. hi there, can you please tell me where was it the old coins basket thing? I’m looking to purchase stuff like that for a gift for someone in love with such things. your help will be appreciated

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    • Thank you Haya for visiting my blog, honestly I can hardly remember the location, but am pretty sure if you head downtown Amman and show the photograph to the men working in shops, they will guide you to the location. Let me know if it works, and if not i will try and ask around for you.

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