Vatican City


Citta Del Vaticano – Vatican City

Metro Ottaviano

Shopping nearby: 24 Minutes to Via Cola di Piazza di Rinzo & 20 Minutes to Via Crescenzio (Shopping quality: Average: low priced items)

** Walking Distance 17 Minutes to Castel Sant Angelo & 30 Minutes to Piazza Di Popolo

Via Borgo Santo Spirito was recommended but I didn’t get the chance to check it out on my journey this time.

A street sign of the Vatican in Rome Italy with a no parking sign under a great blue skya black and white photograph of the pathway to the Vatican city in rome during sun dawma black and white photograph of the door that takes you to the vatican in rome italy photography an angel lady wall art statue that is so powerful in rome vatican city during my travelA photograph of the brilliant architecture of the vatican city in rome, the art of the church is magical st peters Basilica square at the vatican city with people waiting in lone and the cross is apparent beautiful architecture  My Best Moment

I spent around two hours gazing at the architecture, and meditating while i was facing the center of the Vatican in Saint Peter’s Square – a memorable spiritual experience A photograph of an overview of how the vatican square saint peters Basilica looks like from far stunning photoThis is a photo that i took and i am in love with the art the creation of the vatican architecture Picture showing the arches and architecture of the gorgeous vatican city a picture of the gold architecture inside the vatican with the angel holding a cross  a picture of the golden cross inside the vatican in romea stunning photo of the gold plates and architecture located inside the vatican the arch of the vatican with the gold interior angels and shadowing art is artzoom in on too the art of the architecture at the vatican art is art Michael Angelo   a picture of the door that takes you to the names of the pops at the vatican in gold a picture of the shadow of the vatican  city in rome formed by the sunset sundown effects  the vatican city at night with its lights under the moonlightafter a long walk i am drinking water from thirst in the streets of the vatican city rome Vatican City is a city full of energy; it needs a full day to really enjoy it inside out. Beautiful destination, highly recommended and a beautiful spiritual journey.

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