Tevere – River

   Lungotevere – Lung il Tevere 

River by the area of Castel Sant’Angelo

I recommend you just spend a day walking around the river, beautiful scenery, areas, architecture and people.

** Walking distance: 10 minuets from Castel Sant’Angelo to Piazza Dei Tribunali

Side walk between the green trees at the rive river or tevere in romephoto of the architecture of a building by the river with its orange vintage paint and retro windows in rometravel blog photography zooming onto a carriage street shop with food and drinks under green trees by the riveroverlooking a beautiful architectural building by the river in rome nearby saint angeloa photo of a man canoeing alone in the middle of the river tevere in romethis photo reminds me of barcelona from the architecture of the church white between vintage buildings in romaphoto of trees river and architecture the beauty of rome italy travela group of people canoeing at tevere the river of romeit is time for marry go round by the river tevere in rome on a stunning sunny day  Just remember to live the moment; Carpe-Diem.

Take me back to Rome – Italy.

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