Piazza Venezia | Circo Massimo

Piazza Venezia 

Metro Station: 8 Minutes Walking Distance from Metro Colosseo, 11 Minutes Walking Distance from Metro Cavour.

The Architecture of the Piazza is literally breathtaking and powerful. As soon as you lay your eyes on it you will know this is Piazza Venezia; you will feel a powerful energy strike your way. You will also notice a magnificent staircase “Capitoline Hill” one of the seven hills in Rome just 3 Minutes to the right of the Piazza.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes to Colosseo, 13 Minutes to Circo Massimo, and you can walk the Via Corso to the shopping district.

a picture of the piazza venezia rome italyclose up of the piazza venezia and the italian flag brilliant architecture stair-view of Capitoline Hill rome travelblogpeople and tourists climbing the Capitoline Hill in rome italy stair way to heaven rome italy Capitoline Hillmy favorite statue of an angel looking out at piazza venezia rome italyLion statue water fountain at piazza venezia Nightscene of Piazza venezia blogger travelblog razanmasri italy

Circo Massimo | Circus Maximus

Metro Station: Circo Massimo

You can walk through Via del Teatro from Piazza Venezia to reach Circo Massimo.

Nice area to walk around. Make sure you find the underground city under Rome “The Roman Empire”

** Walking Distance 9 Minutes to Colosseo “Colosseum”. 3 Minutes from Piazza Veenzia.

view of Circus Maximus rome Circus Maximusfield of Circus Maximus rome italy

Santa Croce in Gerusalemme

Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, is a Roman Catholic church and is one of the 7 pilgrim churches in Rome. During the time of the Roman Empire year 320, the basilica floor was covered with soil from Jerusalem, therefore it is considered to be a piece of Jerusalem moved to Rome.

Piazza Gerusalemme church in rome near by Circus MaximusEnjoy the walk.

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