Fontana di Trevi


Fontana di Trevi | Trevi Fountain

Metro Station: Barberini

Fontana di Trevi is a magical area, a place to walk between small streets like Via del Tritone, Via Mortare and Via Poli. You can also reach the shopping street of “Via Corso” through Via Crociferi and a walk to Piazza di Venezia.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes from Spanish Steps, 12 Minutes from Piazza Navona, 7 Minutes to Piazza Venezia

Street sign to Trevi Fountain Fontana di TreviFountain di trevi rome roma travel blog razan masri blogger fontana make a wish fountainTourists and italians at the Fontana de trevi making wishes and watching the beautiful fountainThe fountain from side view at Fontana di TreviThe people coming from all over the world to visit the Trevi Fountain Roma two old couple loving one another infront of the Trevi Fountain* Restaurants worth checking out:

You do not want to miss this beautiful Restaurant / Cafe Bar around the corner of Via Poli Angelina – Via Poli 27 – Try their Tiramisu, and the Pasta with black truffles is a must.

angelina corner via del bufalo street signAngelina Menues in Shopcafe latte and the best tiramisu in a jarboy girl toilette signs at Angelinarestaurant side of Angelina one of the best sundried tomato dish in romeliterally the best black truffle pasta in rome Panna cotta at angelina rome Night view of the trevi fountainMe and my bestfriend natasha at the trevi fountain making wishesnight view of the fontana di trevi Don’t forget to make a wish using your right hand over your left shoulder “it’s tradition” 😉

Take me back to Rome – Italy.

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