Cooking Class


Cooking Class in Rome

When I went to Rome, I felt my trip would not be complete without at least one Italian cooking class. It was an ultimate experience, from learning, to sharing, to meeting, and eating.

I booked my class with Chef Andrea –

The class was phenomenal, and I recommend Chef Andrea to anyone interested in a cooking class while in Rome.

** Walking Distance 10 Minutes from Trastevere, 25 Minutes from Piramide Metro Station

This is the door with entrance sign to Chef Andrea Kitchen in Rome  A seven course menu during our cooking class in roma italia Ingredients preparation for cooking class in Rome Chef Andrea  Making artichoke with garlic at cooking class chef andrea This is chef Andrea during cooking class in rome Cooking marinating artichoke at the Chef Andrea cooking class in Rome Piled Tomato for sauce during Italian cooking class Making Tomato sauce during Italian cooking class Grilled eggplants to create Cavatelli with NormaGrilled peppers for the Cavatelli with Norma CookingclassesinromeMaking and cooking tomato sauce for the appetizer dish in cookingclass RomeMarinating potatoes with spices and basil chef andrea Adding oil to potatoes before baking with Chef andrea Cooking dressings and fillings for the Italian dishes at the chef andrea cookingclassesinrome Kitchen mess with food cooking with chef andrea Rome Ingredients ready to put together and make food for the soul Steps to how to make your own pasta from scratch Making pasta with chef Andrea cooking class in RomePasta in the making Rome How to make strawberry tiramisu Making strawberry tiramisu with Chef Andrea cooking classes in Rome Roman style Artichoke final dish after the making Designing dishes before eating and presenting This is the first course of vegetables and parmigianaThis is the final dish of Cavatelli Norma vegetarian with eggplants ricotta Pasta  Final dish of the strawberry tiramisu with chef andrea cooking class RomeInterior decoration at the Chef Andrea Cooking Class Interior decoration at the Chef Andrea Cooking Class Lunch finale group picture with Chef Andrea cooking class RomeNothing tastes better than food learned, cooked, and shared with a group of friendly people.

Enjoy your meal while in Rome 🙂

Your comments and suggestions are important to me.

Take me back to Rome – Italy.


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