Piazza del Colosseo



Metro Station: Colosseo

WOW! Literally, without the Colosseum; Rome would not be complete. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world, and of the greatest work of Roman architecture.

** Walking Distance 9 Minutes to Cavour, 5 Minutes to Circus Maximus, 14 Minutes to Circus Maximus, 11 Minutes to Fontana di Trevi.

Black and white old film look alike photograph to ColosseumEntrance to the Piazza del ColosseoFront view of the Piazza del Colosseo Colosseum rome italyclose up photo of Piazza del Colosseo colosseum brick roma italiablogger razan masri tourist in rome at the Piazza del Colosseoentrance side of the Piazza del Colosseo romebus infront of the Piazza del Colosseo travel traveblog bloggerTrees surrounding Piazza del ColosseoSide view of the Piazza del ColosseoBus trip to the Piazza del Colosseo colosseumStreet signs to Piazza del ColosseoSide streets and around the area of Piazza del Colosseo rome italyAncient Rome

Beneath modern Rome is a hidden city; Ancient Rome by the Roman empire, you will find many sites, even shops, that have dug underneath to find the leftovers of the ancient city.

Is it ancient rome ? it is a hidden city that they are figuring out under romeAncient Rome ? Roman empire? city under romaAncient Rome ? Roman empire? city under romaHaving dinner at ancient rome :)Welcome to rome statue near by piazza di Colloseu colosseumA walk back to the city of roma - Piazza del Colosseo**Shopping near by:

SED shop for emerging designers – Via del Cardello, 32, Roma, Italy

Enjoy the most beautiful part of Rome.

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