Cavour – Madonna dei Monti


Cavour – Madonna dei Monti

Metro Station: Cavour

This is a beautiful area to hang out, find delicious shops, and one of a kind shopping experience. Below you will find many shop names that I recommend checking out. You can never get enough of Madonna dei Monti.

** Walking Distance 18 Minutes from Trevi Fountain, 40 Minutes to Trastevere, 11 Minutes to Via Nazionale, 8 Minutes to The Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.

A street wall decorated with a cute house window with flowers and small doorRed and orange street wall with small cute windowsAn old woman is looking out from her homes window of a brick buildingStreet sign that is covered with graffiti in romeA neighborhood street view with peoplethree paintings of a bicycle phone booth balloons lying in streets on romeWhite retro door by the cavour area in rome italyA tree house by the corner of cavour romeA very old stone wall with a very old vintage brown door italian romanA beautiful yellow mustard wall with a bicycle leaning on it in romeMotor bikes parked at one of the neighborhoods in rome Beautiful old houses with artsy door frames in different shapes and colors in romaStreet water in the middle of rome's syteeys Green door with a very vintage wall in rome a very old vintage beige door with a motor bike A side walk and one of the beautiful areas in rome - cavour The mother of Christ Marry as a sign to one of the doors in RomeA very old door bell with a blue door A very old beautiful round window from the ancient roman

Via  Panisperna – 6 Minutes walking distance

Al tre Scalini – A very nice Restaurant/Bar to enjoy the night and meet great local Romans.
A very humble street sign in rome with an arrow pointing to the left An orange wall with a small window with flower pots Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life A very big statue of a man or priest welcoming people A street sign of Madonna dei Monti Via del Boschettto – 6 Minutes walking distance

Six Inch – Hair Salon – You can find great Italian hair products.

Es Tre Mi – Clothing store – Local designer.

Rafaele Cinzio – Jewelry & Paintings – Great pieces of local designers.

Kokoro – Clothing store – Local designer with beautiful dresses and pieces.

 Escat – Jewelry – Beautiful pieces of local designers.

Miki way – Clothing store – Hand picked pieces of local designers.

Creje – Clothing store – Great pieces to be found

Eliodoro – Gioielle d’arto – Jewelry

Mencucci – Outlet – Not to be missed.

Gaudeo – Baguette shop – One of the best baguette sandwiches i have had, you will find variety of options.

A street sign of via dei boschetto Creje is a clothing shop on a beautiful street Via del Boschetto Gaudeo baguette restaurant A very cute corner baguette shop with delicious food I loved the photographs and the theme inside the cutest baguette shop GaudoVia del Boschetto GaudeoA very nice place with beautiful jewelry Via dele Angeletto - gioielliA hair salon with great italian hair products on sale

Via dei Serpenti – 6 Minutes walking distance

Antico Formo Serpenti – Old bakery

Via Leonina – 2 Minutes walking distance

2 Periodico Cafe – A very cute urban cafe/bar/restaurant to work at, to chill or to meet with friends.

A very urban cute must not be missed coffee and bar Love sign inside this very cute urban shop restaurant in rome Cutest dinner setup at this cutest cafe slash bar in rome  Again, you can never get enough of Madonna dei Monti.

Take me back to Rome – Italy.

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