Castel St. Angelo


Castel Sant Angelo

Metro Lepanto / Ottaviano

Beautiful Area to walk around and take photos, I suggest you walk among the river Lungotevere and stop by Piazza Dei Tribunali which I found magnificent.

** Walking Distance 17 Minutes from Citta Del Vaticano through Via Della Conciliazione or Via Crescenzio – Walking Distance 15 Minutes to Piazza Navona

* Restaurants worth checking out: Mama’ Restorante Bistrot Via Sforza Pallavicini 19/21 – 3 Minutes walking distance.

Overlooking st angelo from the bridge of the rive the river in romean iphone photo of st angelo in rome with the colors of brown and green eartthy and naturalriver overview of st angelo and bridgea beautiful yet very sad looking white statue nearby the st angelo in rome italya beautiful natural brown photo of castel saint'angelo and the statue infront of the gateanother brown photo of the old stone used to build the magnificent st. angelo in rome monks or Buddhists play meditation infront of the st.angelo with their orange outfit and turbans  iphone photo of the monks playing tricks with meditation and tranquillity showing the vatican behind them at the st angelo castel one of my favorite photos of rome with blue blue skies reflection on the blue river and the green long trees on the side travelbloga wedding at the castel saint'angelo bride and groom being photographed nearby the bridgelovelocks at the castel saint angelo bridge river love forever a hippie artists working with threads to create bracelets to sell to tourists at the castel st angelo  one of the st angelo statue looking as if it is targeting a bird that is truly flying the blue skiesmy favorite welcoming angel statue at the castle saint angelo romea bird is resting on one of the statues head at the st angelo all white with blue skya far view of the bird on top of the saint angelo statue one of the statues at the saint angelo carrying a cross tourists walking at the saint angelo entrancetourists at the saint angelo entrance night scene with a statue holding the cross peacefully infront of the castel st angelo rome a beautiful sun dusk photo of vaticano from castel st angelo over the bridge and river Hope you enjoyed my Saint’Angelo Photo Diary. 🙂 Your comments are what I look for.

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