Campo De’Fiori

Campo De’Fiori

No Metro Station: But you can find Tram or Bus.

This area is worth spending a full day; shopping, mingling, eating and biking around. I am absolutely in-love with Campo De’Fiori.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes from Piazza Navona, 20 Minutes to Colosseo.

pathway into houses and buildings at the campo de'fiori romewhite statue in the middle of compo de'fioria retro vintage hip looking bicycle lying on a wall next to a shop at the campo de'fioriflower pot on top of a wooden chair retro vide welcoming message into a shop for an appretifo

Recommended shopping streets & Restaurants 

a nice small gesture can add character and personality to your houseVia del Pellegrino – 2 Minutes walking distance 

I’M – Via del Pellegrino 49 – Outstanding local designer shop.

Te Eteiere – Via del Pellegrino 85 – Very unique tea shop.

Le Tre Ghinee – Via del Pellegrino 90 – Hand made glass local jewelry.

Barnum café – Via del pellegrino 87 – Urban cute cafe, not to be missed with delicious food.

via del pellegrino roma campo de fiori street signmotorbikes scattered in the middle of the street of campo de'fioria beautiful entrance of a local italian designer shop i'mBarmum cafe sign on the entrance door street entrance flower pots inside barnum sign behind the kitchenette barnym cozy couch a very urban entrance to a furniture boutique Via dei Banchi Vecchi – 8 Minutes walking distance

Loulou Roma – Via dei Banchi Becchi 116 – Love her designs.

Laura Urbinati – Via dei banchi vecchi, 50/a – Expensive but beautiful local designers items.

Viziati – Via dei banchi vecchi 122  – Great dessert shop.

Via del Banchi Vecchi street signvery funky colorful chairs of a restaurant located at the campo de'fiorientrance door bags and shoes display inside a shopVia Di Monserrato – 5 Minutes walking distance

Antichi Kimono – Via Di Monserrato 43/b – 44 – Creative Kimono pieces and gorgeous jewelry designers selection.

the street name sign on a wall in romean entrance of a dessert shopold street with an old water trunkVia dei Giubbonari – 5 Minutes walking distance

Empresa – Via dei Giubbonari 25-26

Nina Loca – Via dei Guibbonari 67 – Great finds.

104 Pandemonium – Via dei Giubbonari 104 – Recommended place to shop.

Prezzo OUTLET – Via dei Giubbonari 108 – An outlet with great pieces at cheap prices.

entrance of a pets shop at campo de fioriinterior of one of the shops orange wallmultiple colored bikes on the entrance of a bike shopVia Governo Vecchio – 7 Minutes walking distance

a nice small house door by a very vintage walla restaurant door and menu chartan entrance of a very unique boutique with colored stripes

Also check out:

Di San Giacini sadals – Via di tor millina 10/11 – 6 Minutes walking distance – Beautiful handmade leather sandals.

Sublime – Via Giulia 143 – Great pieces at great prices.

Obika (Mozzarella Bar) Via Dei Baullari – Piazza Campo dei Fiori 16 – Yummiest Mozzarella and Pizza.

Obika Mozzarella Bar 2Obika Mozzarella Bar 1

Do not Miss the best of Campo De’Fiori – the Open Market that has been there since 1869. The Market hours are from Morning till 4:00pm and closes on Sundays.

food packaging and jars in the marketred fresh chillie at the campo de fiori marketpasta packaged bags at the marketpestro packaged jars at the marketfood packaging and selling at the compo de fiori marketfood at compo di fioripomegranate fresh juice at the marketpomegranate fresh makingpumpkinsside walks in campo de'firoi

a painting a drawing of a cute dog with a red heartCampo De’Fiori is a true gem of Rome.

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