Rome – Italy

It is true

Rome is a “Big Museum” – A place to Discover – to Reflect on – Roam around Alone –  Find Yourself –  Drink Latte, Macchiato, Espresso – Eat Pasta, Pizza, Gnocchi, Risotto, Tiramisu, more Tiramisu, Mozzarella, Biscotti – Take a Cooking Class – Learn the language – Be Dazzled by the Architecture – Dream and Live the Moment

My Advice: 1- If it is your first time, use the Hop on Hop off bus for at least the first 2 days. 2- Stay for at least 7 days. 3- Download the Rome Map application “It is very helpful Rome is Huge”. 4- Buy a Map first thing when you arrive. 5- Buy a metro pass that you can also use on the bus. 6- Carry a light practical bag with you; you will be spending all day roaming around. 7- Buy a notebook.

Useful Italian Words: Via = Street – Buongiorno = Good Morning – Ciao = Hello/Bye – Buona Sera = Good Afternoon – Buona Notte = Good Night – Grazie = Thank You

“I traveled on May 6th 2013”

sunny day, a big welcoming statue with its shadowing in the middle of rome

 The below are primary locations to visit:

1. Citta Del Vaticano - Vatican City

Metro Ottaviano

V A T I C A N – it says it all, close your eyes when you arrive and feel the energy.

Near by Shopping: Via Cola di Piazza di Rinzo, Via Crescenzio – Shopping Quality: Casual

** Walking Distance: 17 Minutes to Castel Sant Angelo & 30 Minutes to Piazza Del Popolo

Vatican front side photograph, roma architecture is magnificent, michelangelo is genius

Click here to see more Pictures of Vatican City & Near by Shopping

2. Castel Sant'Angelo

Metro Lepanto / Ottaviano

This is Art.

** Walking Distance: 17 Minutes from Citta Del Vaticano through Via Della Conciliazione or Via Crescenzio – Walking Distance 15 Minutes to Piazza Navona

Entrance of Sant'Angelo in center of rome, statue reading a book representing a priest

Click here to see a photo diary of St.Angelo with recommended shops around.

3. Lungotevere - Lungo il Tevere 

River by the area of Castel Sant’Angelo

Beautiful Area to walk around and take photos, I suggest you walk towards Piazza Dei Tribunali which I found magnificent.

** Walking distance: 10 minuets from Castel Sant’Angelo to Piazza Dei Tribunali

Walking by the river "rive" near by sant'angelo, photographing beautiful architecture in the city of roma

Click here to see a photo diary of Tevere

4. Piazza Navona

No Metro Station: But you can find a Tram or Bus

Piazza Navona is one of my favorite spots, with multiple shops, restaurants, stores, and a great Piazza to walk around and enjoy the sunshine during the day & night scene during the evening.

** Walking Distance: 10 Minutes from Piazza Dei Tribunali and 15 Minutes from Castel Sant’Angelo

This is a photo of Piazza Novona, blue skies beautiful architecture in rome italy

Click here to see a photo diary of Piazza Navona and recommended restaurants.

5. Campo Dei Fiori

No Metro Station: You can find Tram or Bus

Do not Miss the open Market that has been there since 1869. The Market hours are from Morning till 4:00pm and closes on Sundays.

Near by shopping: Via dei Banchi Vecchi, Via del Pellegrino, Via Guilia, Via Monserrato, Via dei Giubbonari, Via Governo Vecchio – Shopping quality: Designer Boutiques, original Local Designers.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes from Piazza Navona

Aperitif sign with chair and a flower pot welcoming tourists at compo di fiori

Click here to be redirected to Campo de’fiori’s best restaurants and shops.

6. Piazza di Spagna "Spanish Steps"

Metro Station: Spagna

This is the Shopping District in Roma. Walk through Via del Corso down towards Piazza del Popolo.

Shopping Streets: Via Condotti, Via del Corso, Via Frattina, Via Borgognona  Shopping quality: High End Designers, High End Brands, Commercial Brands, Local Designers.

** Walking Distance 23 Minutes from Campo dei Fiori, 11 Minutes to Piazza del Popolo, 11 Minutes to Piazza di Trevi and 18 Minutes to Villa Borghese.

Breathtaking photograph of the spanish steps from the corded shopping street of Corso street in rome italy

Click here to be redirected to Piazza di Spagna and learn more about its shopping finds.

7. Villa Borghese

Metro Station: Spagna

One of the most beautiful Parks I have seen.

** Walking Distance 20 Minutes to Piazza di Trevi “Trevi Fountain”

A photo of my travel at the stunning Villa Burghese park overlooking rome italy

Click here to be redirected to the photofiary of Villa Borghese.

8. Piazza di Trevi "Trevi Fountain"

Metro Station: Barberini

The wish Fountain, and it is truly magical and breathtaking.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes from Spanish Steps, 12 Minutes from Piazza Navona, 7 Minutes to Piazza Venezia

Fountain di trevi is like magic, the waterfall statues architecture in picture

Click here to see a photo diary of Fontana di Trevi and fine out about the best nearby restaurant.

9. Piazza Venezia

Metro Station: 8 Minutes Walking Distance from Metro Colosseo, 11 Minutes Walking Distance from Metro Cavour.

The Architecture of the Piazza and the near by staircase of Campidoglio are out of this world. It is breathtaking.

** Walking Distance 8 Minutes to Colosseo, 13 Minutes to Circo Massimo

at night the lights of piazza venezia rome is superb with the man on a horse and the flags looks royal

Click here to be redirected to the photo diary.

10. Circo Massimo

Metro Station: Circo Massimo

Nice area to walk around. Make sure you find the underground city under Rome “The Roman Empire”

** Walking Distance 9 Minutes to Colosseo “Colosseum”

cirque massimo is like a golf course with the blue skies and green trees

Click here to be redirected to the photo diary.

11. Piazza del Colosseo "Colosseum"

Metro Station: Colosseo


** Walking Distance 9 Minutes to Cavour

happy razan masri sitting on a cliff looking at the beautiful colloseum in jeans and converse

Click on this photo to be redirected to the photo diary of Colosseum.

12. Cavour "Monti"

Metro Station: Cavour

This is a beautiful area to hang out, find delicious shops, and one of a kind shopping experience. You can walk towards Piazza Repubblica.

Shopping Streets: Via del Boschetto, Via Leonina, Via Serpenti, Via Nazionale  Shopping quality: Local Designers, Exquisite Finds (Via Nazionale is lower brands)

** Walking Distance 18 Minutes from Trevi Fountain, 40 Minutes to Trastevere

street shot with a single door and window that look super urban enriched with the art of rome

Click here to be redirected to the photo diary of Madonna dei Monti, plus find out where to shop and where to eat.

13. Trestevere

No Metro Station: Train Station: Trestevere

Night Life; great restaurants, bars and shops.

Shopping Streets: Shops are between the small streets as you walk Shopping quality: Boutiques, Antiques, Hand Picked items.

** Walking Distance 20 Minutes to Piazza Testaccio

a sequence of outdoor seating table picture of a restaurant in trastevre

Click here for the photo diary of Trastevere

14. Cooking Class in Rome

I booked my class with Chef Andrea –

It is a pity to go to Rome and not learn how to make Pasta from scratch, if you have the time, then it is worth the experience.

** Walking Distance 10 Minutes from Trestevere, 25 Minutes from Piramide Metro Station

Artichoke appetizer that i learned how to cook in rome cooking class with chef andrea

Click here to be redirected to the photo diary of Cooking Class.

15. Testaccio

Metro Station: Piramide

 Night Life; great restaurants, bars and shops.

** Walking Distance 25 Minutes to Circo Massimo

A plate of the speciality of felice local italian restaurant pasta made with butter and cheese


Enjoying your time in Rome is very easy. Alone, with friends or your partner, you will not get enough of Rome.

Stay Tuned for more pages about what you can do in each area, best local restaurants, lounges, shops, and Italian designers. Your comments on this post is what I am looking forward to. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Rome – Italy

  1. italia il mio amore e come una rosa che cresce nel profondo del mio cuore
    per il suo ottimo cibo,le sue belle ragazze,le sue auto di lusso(lamborghini,ferrari),i suoi artisti innovativi(miachelangelo,leonardi da vinci,marinetti),la sua moda sofisticata(armani,gucci),le sue poesie e musica,amo il suo linguaggio che si scoglie come baci da una bocca femminile,anche la sua mafia(cosa nostra). e non dimentichiamo le bellissime citta (firenze,venezia,pisa,romaemilano) ❤


  2. You’re so welcome 🙂 oh thats good 😉 am planning to visit rome by the end of april, inshallah , is it too cold at night ??


    • Wow 🙂 you will have a great time i promise.
      and i will be posting more about where to go so keep visiting for updates on best restaurants and cafes.
      Rome is a little humid, and the weather is nice, just get a light jacket in case it is a bit breezy but it shouldn’t be too cold.


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