Quite different from the rest of India

South for Serenity – North for the Wild Life – Go to different Beaches – Meditate throughout the Sunset – Do some Yoga – The best Food comes out from the most unexpected places – Good Food everywhere – Meet different Animals – Be Adventures – Go with Friends who share your Taste of life – Watch the Starlight that will take your breath away – Set your Dreams free by the Shore

…and Discover Yourself

Life OK India Goa

Let me tell you something about India… Life is seriously OK; in all forms.

I stayed in the South which was great, for i prefer Serenity. But I have learned that serene doesn’t come from the place you’re in, but is mostly flourished from the heart; and the people that surround you ;are the people that will help your deepest self realization.

Mobor Sunset India

We arrived to Mobor Beach; to a sunset that opened up my heart & awakened my Soul. – This photo is unfiltered.

South is for the Posh and for Relaxation – Recommended Beach Areas I have been to: Palolem AgondaMobor – Cola. Recommended Beach Area I haven’t been to: Patnem. Other Beaches: Utorda – Verca – Rajbag – Galgibi (Not for swimming) – Butterfly – Blue Whale

Try Climbing to cross topped baradi hillock viewpoint (haven’t tried it but also heard of)

Slogan Goa

I like the slogan… For the player in you.

First Stop: Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach Goa India

Agonda Beach: very quiet, small and chilled.

Agonda Beach Goa India

Goa India Agonda Beach

If you are a sunset dreamer like me, you will enjoy just simply nothing. “Meditate”


Agonda Beach Goa India

Let the sun give you rays of pure light.

Second Stop: Cola Beach

Cola Beach Goa India

You can not miss on Cola Beach between Agonda & Pallolem

Goa Cola Beach Magical India

It felt like a dream.

Cola Beach Goa India

This was one of the best scenery i have ever seen in my life. Breath Taking

Third Stop: Mobor Beach (Where we stayed “Holiday Inn Hotel”)

Our Hotel was very fine, very clean with great friendly staff.

HolidayInn Beach Front

HolidayInn Beach Front


HolidayInn Pool Area

HolidayInn Pool Area


Try the food at Sams near by HolidayInn

Try the food at Sams near by HolidayInn

MOBOR5 copy copy

The view from Sams

MOBOR7 copy copy



MOBOR16 copy



MOBOR22 copy copyPALA 14

Goa India South North Cow

Friends we made in Goa…

Goa India South North Cow

F CRF DF B2Animal Friendly Goa India F S1F L3

Cola Beach friends with a dog goa india

Best Friends we made in Goa.

Fourth Stop: Palolem Beach (Goas Gem – I would recommend staying in this area) Aside from the quiet South side of Goa – Palolem is an area filled with hype, life and treasures. Witness the best sunset, the best architecture, make friends, miraculous dinner by the beach and one of a kind sky filled with natural star lights.

PALA 0 PALA 0.1pala 1.1PALA 2

Chilling by the beach

Chilling by the beach

Starting Point

Starting Point


The end of Palolem is tricky, keep on going further to find the true Gem.

Find the real Gem at the end of Palolem, keep on going till the very end.

A moment in Heaven

A taste of Heaven

You will wish this is an endless moment.

You will wish this is an endless moment.

PALA 25 PALA 27 PALA 34 PALA 37 PALA 41 PALA 43 PALA 46.1 PALA 47 PALA 48

Dinner by the Sea

Dinner by the Sea

Night Scene

Night Scene

Food: Do not miss out on the Lobster, Sea food and lots and lots of sea food, all types of Paneer with chili & cheese, Tandoori Chicken, Kebab, Tandoori Oven, try to go to Zeebop by the sea (i haven’t but heard of it)

Food Time

Food Time


Fifth Stop: Going North where the Buzz and all the Partying is happening. Recommended Beaches I have been to: Anjuna and Marbella/ Morjim. Recommended Beaches I did not reach: Vegatore, Ashvem, Mandrem, Arambel, Tirakol.

Landscape you witness on the way from the South to North:

Landscape Goa india Landscape Goa india

Landscape Goa india


Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa IndiaLandscape Goa India Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa India Landscape Goa IndiaSixth Stop: Anjuna Beach

Goans are known for their emphasis on easy going, easy living and a good life. But in Anjuna Hurry up does not belong to their dictionary. Be a Hippie and let go for the Goans.

Anjuna Beach Goa India

Anjuna Beach

ANJUNA 4 copy

Anjuna Beach Goa India

If you enjoy a busy wild night life, then enjoy the crazy night scene at Anjuna Beach, Goa.

Anjuna Beach Goa India

Anjuna Beach Goa India

Anjuna Beach, Glimpse of the Night Scene.

Seventh Stop: Marbella, in Morjim Beach

Merbella Beach is the luxury treatment

Merbella Beach is luxury

Goans are beautiful

people 1.1 PEOPLE 3 PEOPLE 5 PEOPLE 7 people 8.2 people 10.1 PEOPLE 11 people 499

Things to do while in Goa:

TO DO 582636_10151265020477655_1209101444_n TO DO beach game 541774_10151264444612655_1363545525_n TO DO BEACH GAMES 541822_10151264447122655_463320048_n copy to do elephant TO DO GAMES TO DO jewles 484738_10151265442462655_1961129396_n TO DO Meditate Relax to do stretch 1

Transportation Methods:

Trans 0 trans 6.1 trans 8.1 TRANS 555422_10151264932862655_336943264_n TRANS JAM

Transportation 398009_10151264995842655_922357531_n

This is Goa

Landscape Goa india

Goa India

Fire Station… mmmm

Landscape Goa indiato do sri 1TRANS

Happy New Year - We Celebrated 2013 in Mobor Beach under the the rain. Unforgettable Night, Unforgettable Feeling.

I made it to Goa for New Years 2013

Cloud Clouds Sky Plane

At the end of every travel, you feel a step closer to Heaven.

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9 thoughts on “Goa

  1. Beautiful raza!!! You reminded me of how beautiful this other side of the world is. Made me want to rush back there and get stuck in time once again. Keep them coming, blog often.amazing xx


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  3. you’re really great at blogging! love it you made me feel that i was there with you myself :0) lovely place to go visit def… keeeeep on sharing x mucho gracias


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