This district feels very cozy, very familiar and warm. You walk down the streets as you find many shops only scattered around. It is a very active district with many outdoor markets and shops.

Here are few things to enjoy while you visit Neukolln.

1- Rigid Architecture

Pink and yellow building in Neukolln

2- Look up for festivals 

Bus food Neukolln flea market in Berlin Maybachufer

3- Sunday Flea Market (FlowMarkt)

4- Try the strangest Food 

This is a Japanese burger with fried tufu and fried noodles

Making Paella at Neukolln flea market

5- Go to the Market halle on Friday’s & Saturday’s  Markthalle market festival in neukolln food festival

6- Count their bicycles and rent one Bicycle with a beige and blue door wall in berlin

7- And other vintage transportation  

Neukolln yellow bus

8- Visit their local Shops 

Cake shop in neukolln

9- Go read & have Breakfast at Pavillon Um Afer

A small cafe icecream parlor  breakfast and brunch outdoor

10- Walk around Maybachufer and do other things 

Popular neighborhood in the Neukolln district

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All pictures are taken with a Canon 7D

Museum at Mitte Check point Charlie Berlin

Mitte District Berlin

Mauerpark flea market in Prenzlauer Burg Berlin

Mauerpark Berlin

Visit Solothurn

Visit Solothurn

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