Here are things to see in Mitte the center of Berlin by distance.

1- Victory Column 

I do not have a photo of the Column which is also known as the Siegessaule, but sometimes Mitte would have festivals along from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Column.

Sunset time during a festival at the Berlin Brandenburger to Victory Column

2- Brandenburg Gate

The 18th century arch of Berlin. One of the most popular landmarks. Located at the junction of Unter den Linden and Ebertstrabe. It was built between 1788 to 1791 as a sign of peace commissioned by King Frederick. The gate suffered much damage in World War II and so was last restored in 2000.

Festival at the Brandenburger Mitee Berlin

3- The field of Stelae

Which also stands for the Memorial to the murdered Jews in Europe. Building began in 2003 and was finalized in 2005. The names of the victims was obtained from the Israeli Museum Yad Vashem, and it cost around 25million to build. The museum has attracted some controversy, and was described by the German Jewish community as unnecessary.

The Field of Stelae

4- Topography of Terror

This is an outdoor indoor history museum.

Topography Of Terror HolocaustTopography Of Terror Holocaust 5- Checkpoint Charlie

This was a name given by the Western Allies to the best known crossing point at the Berlin Wall between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie became a symbol of the Cold War. Today it is one of the most famous touristic attraction.

6- Museum Island and the Berlin Dome also known as Cathedral 

The Berlin Cathedral building was finished in 1905. It is located at the Museum Island where you can visit several other museums. It is called the Museum Island because of the 5 internationally significant museums

Night view of the Berlin Dome “Cathedral” in Mitte

7- Hackescher Markt 

This is a historic area with lots of restaurants and markets as well as shops and boutiques. art

8- Other things to be done and seen in between

Nighttime photograph of Mitte in berlin

3 HEAD Statues of presidents

Click here for more districts to visit, when in Berlin.

All pictures are taken with a Canon 7D

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