Friedrichshain Kreuzberg

Friedrichshain Kreuzberg are formed by former East Berlin as Friedrichshain and West Berlin as Kreuzberg. They are both linked through the historic Oberbaum Bridge that used to be the Berlin border crossing for pedestrians. Today the two districts are the most hip in Berlin. With all its walls sprayed with Graffiti and art, pubs, restaurants and shops. Worth the walk, or a bicycle ride.

What can be seen and done at Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg

A walk along the River Spree and Oberbaum Bridge

This is Oberbaum Bridge Berlin Bridge

A walk or bicycle ride along the East Side Gallery (Berlin Wall)

An international memorial for freedom. A section of the Berlin Wall, and is made out of 105 paintings by artists from all over the world. It is considered to be the largest and longest lasting opening air gallery in the world. EastSide Gallery

EastSide Gallery

Street Art

EastSide Gallery

The streets and the people. 


The nightlife 


Friedrichshain Kreuzberg

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All pictures are taken with a Canon 7D

Blue yellow and pink chair

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Thousands of people attend the Bearpit Karaoke show at meauerpark

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Visit Mitte Berlin

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