Historical, cultural, artistic, Ghent is a symphony.

Ghent has it all. I was blown away, I did not expect to see it so beautiful, I would say it is border line more beautiful than Bruges. To each its own magical touches of course, but in Ghent you will find it all. The people, the culture, the life, the energy, it sparkles on you and on top of you. I would not miss Ghent, when I make it again to Belgium.

Ghent is super beautiful, with so much to do, more than you expect, it is a little bigger than it seems, get lost between alleyways, you will always find yourself again. But do not miss on walking into doors that seem to be half-open, gems are to be found in the shops of Ghent. Another city unlike any other, with nothing particular to do, but so much unexpected things to see.

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