When in Brussels, there is so much to see, eat, try, and do before you leave to your next destination. Brussels is a nice city to take your time in exploring and wandering around, taking your time to breathe in every little beauty you find.

Brussels in 24 hours: You can start your day early walking towards the Justice Palace where you will have the space to see Brussels from a top view, this will give you the time to check out Brussels famous Flea market on your way down at Marolles which is open until 2pm, then as you head towards the Sablon area you will find a beautiful fort known as the Halle Gate, you will then reach the Notre Damn de la Chapelle which is at the start of the Grand Sablon, walking upwards towards the Petit Sablon, rest by the gorgeous fountain (my very favorite spot), then you will be heading towards the Royal Palace, where you will enjoy the gigantic architecture, right across of it is brussels park, where you can go for a walk or a resting point on a bench, then head down to Place Royale (the square), check out the beautiful street of Coudenberg, which you can then take a right if you wish to see the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula (which I missed unfortunately), and then back to Grand Place, check out the Mannekin Pis, pass by Saint Hubert, Town Hall (that should not be missed), Rue des Bouchers, and then head to Place Sainte Catherine for great seafood dinner.

Food Recommendations: I did not get the chance to try as much as I like, but you sure don’t want to miss on the Belgian waffles, Belgian Fries, Belgian Chocolates (find below recommended shops), try a Pistolet (for great sandwiches) located around the Sablon area, try Le Pain Quotidien (great bakery for brunch or lunch), pass by Beli (for Lebanese food) close by the Notre Damn de la Chapelle, and the sea food at the Sainte Catherine.


Below you will find a little more about the things you can see and do in Brussels.

Justice Palace – Palais de Justice

The biggest courthouse in the world, electric style built-in the 1800sBelgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Justice-Palace-12



Marolles Flea Market at Jeu de Balle

Established in 1919, Have a walk and maybe shop between 7am – 2pmMarolles place du jeu de balle

Halle Gate

A Medieval fortified city gate built-in the 1300’s.


Notre Damn de la Chapelle

Also know as the church of our lady Chapelle, founded in 1134.Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Justice-Palace-Chapel-Church-Notre-Dame-de-la-chapelle


Church of our Blessed Lady of the SablonBelgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Justice-Palace-Chapel-Church-Notre-Dame-de-la-chapelle



Grand Sablon starts by the Sablon church and is connected to the Petit Sablon. A very popular area with antique stores, fashionable boutiques, Belgium chocolates hotels and restaurants. Antique and Book markets are held during the weekend. In the Petit Sablon you will find garden and the fountain of Counts Edgmont and Horne.Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Place du Grand Sablon - Church Notre-Dame-du-Sablon-Place-du-Petit-Sablon-26

Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Place du Grand Sablon - Church Notre-Dame-du-Sablon-Place-du-Petit-Sablon-8


Manneken Pis

The little man peeing is truly very little, I imagined to see a big statue, but then instead, something very tiny turned up to be the hype of the city. This beautiful art piece was put in place around the 1600, and was sculpted and made in the 1300.Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Manneken-Pis-1Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Manneken-Pis-1

Grand Place

The central square in Brussels. Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6


Galaries Royales Saint Hubert

A shopping arcade


Town Hall 

Gothic buildings from the Middle Ages will take you back in time, a great square to stay in the centre looking around, it is very inspirational. Built between the 1300 and 1400. Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Town-Hall-Grand-Place-6




Rue des Bouchers

A narrow alley, with jammed up restaurants and tables by the pavement.Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Rue-de-Bouchers-1

Ste. Catherine

Where you will find the Fish Market and where you will enjoy great seafood.


Place Royale

A historic square in the centre of Brussels, used to be the main market square Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg-4Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6

Saint Jacques sur Coudenberg

A neoclassical church in Place Royale


Walking down the Coudenberg StreetBelgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-1

Belgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-6

Royal Palace of Brussels

Built after the 1900, it used to be the Royal Residence.



Brussels Park 

Or Parc de Bruxelles, the largest urban park in Brussels. Created in the 1700’s, today this park is active with parties and events hosted all year-long.



Belgian Chocolate

You will find a trail of chocolate houses or Maison du chocolate, you got to try them and are great for gifts to take back home. From the high-end of Pierre Marcolini, to the unforgettable taste of Neuhaus, and Elisabeth, try the good and affordable at Leonidas and of course the very famous Godiva and Galler are along your way.