Heaven on Earth

Stay in a Villa – Minimum 8 days – Watch the Sunset – Visit different areas: Seminyak, Ubud, Kuta, Tuban, Legian, Sanur, Jimbaraan, Nusa Dua,and if you have enough time visit The Gilis. – See their Art – Listen to their Music – Eat their FoodPray their Prayers – Get a Massage – Do some Yoga – Feel the Breath of their Fresh Air – Meet their exotic Animals – & do not miss out on their Gorgeous Beaches

…and Enjoy Bali

If this is how Bali looked like from the plane… then how does it truly look like on ground?

“I have never seen a city as beautiful and as spiritual as Bali, the people are sweet, positive, happy and very friendly.”

Pathway to heaven / our villa.

Nyaman is the name of our beautiful Villa in Bali

The entrance to our heavenly villa.

This is the private pool in our Villa

Beautiful things are exciting

Meet our beautiful Wayan, who is at our villa every morning making us delicious breakfast, doing the laundry and cleaning.

Burning incense wafts across the streets of Bali is part of the Hindu religious rituals.

Bali is known as the “island of thousands temples” From 7 most voted temples you can check out: Besakih Temple, Tannah Lot Temple, Pura Luhur Temple, Pura Tirta Temple, Ulun Danu, Goa Lawah Temple, Taman Ayun Temple.

Morning Prayers

The first thing to do; is run to the beach, we stayed at the most fashionable area in Bali “Seminyak” – Flores Sea

The people in Bali are super friendly, no matter how old they are or what status they are in.

You will find fresh fruits, juices, dresses, tattoo artists, massages, and water activities around any beach area.

The sand of the ocean is black & looks like sparkling glitter.

Surfing in Bali is famous and fun to experience.

Kuta Beach

Kuta – is an area right next to Seminyak – It is mostly filled with younger foreigners and it is where the crazy party scene is.

The nightlife is different from one area to another in Bali. It sure is alive.

Sky Garden – Party scene

You can find Dragshows around the city

Cocoon is a beach club, and a great lounge at night. – Seminyak

My college friend, the best tour guide and a talented designer. Love you S

Sara is one of the most amazing urben jewelry & fashion designer you will ever meet in Indonesia. Check out her website: and you can buy some of her items  on

Bikes are everywhere in Bali, taxi prices are convenient and renting a car is always optional.

This is Eddy “Edward” our Indonesian friend from the beach; be selective in where you wish to try Indonesian food and try eating the food “that includes rice” with your hands.

Jimbaran is a must have (several times) – It is by far the best seafood I have ever had. Not to forget mentioning the setting is right on the beach.

Have a Coconut when you can.

These are boxes of the local iced tea, tastes like English Breakfast.

“When it rains, it pours” you will truly understand this quote in Bali. Beautiful big rain drops that awakens the city and it usually doesn’t last long. Take a natural shower then.

You have to make it to Nusa Dua, luxury, beautiful white sand beach.

Is this heaven on earth? This is only how Nusa Dua looks like through camera, wait till your see it and live it.

You will find a Big Chess in one of Nusa Dua’s luxurious hotels.

Nusa Dua Temples on the beach.

You will find many Elephant stones/statues.

Seeing more in Nusa Dua makes you want this vacation to last forever.

Water Blow is one of the most fun experiences I have had in Nusa Dua.

On our way to the spot to experience the water blow.

Water Blow experience is amazing.

Our driver Wayan is taking ust to UBUD

This is the scenery in Bali.

A book shop on the way to Ubud

Don Antonio Blanco Museum in Ubud is one of the most famous museums and a certain must see.

Entering the beautiful Antonio Blanco Museum

Antonio Blanco is one of the greatest artists to live and work in Bali. He lived on a magical hilltop home until his death in 1999.

Shiva is the supreme God in Hinduism, it has 5 important works; creator, preserver, destroyer, concealer, and reveler (to bless).

It was not allowed to take photos of the paintings, but I sure will never forget them.

You will find many exotic birds, animals and plants.

Entering the museum where all the paintings are.

Fabulous Blanco Garden

After spending hours studying the incredible paintings in the museum, you sure leave there inspired.


Blanco was inspired by the Balinese dancers, therefore you will find multiple golden status in the form of dancers.

Overlooking the town from the museum

One of the biggest, oldest trees I have ever seen. Super beautiful.

This is exactly how you will look like after the dosage of inspiration.

Art Cafe View

The greenery is inside and outside the Kafe.

This is on the front page of the menu – Hilarious.

Heading to the Monkey Forest.

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil – Monkey Forest fun memories

It truly is a forest.

Meet Kim & his son.

& that’s Bella & Snoopy

After such a long day, head to Juice Ja Cafe – famous for its organic health food and natural fruit juices. Try the coconut soup Yummie

Spend a day at Karma Kandara – this is the market alley on the way there.

Going to Tanah Lot Temple very early in the morning.

Tanah Lot is the most famous temple in Bali. Unfortunately it has become very commercial, it is no longer spiritual but it sure is worth visiting.

Beautiful scenery gives you positive energy.

I still don’t know what was the holly snake sign about

Blessings by adding rice to your forehead, a flower upon your ear and some “holly” water.

Frame this.

Spend the rest of your day at the Nammos Karma Kandara Beach

Breathless, a trip to heaven, pure blue, glowing green, beautiful weather, gorgeous people, unlimited happiness.

You can either take the stairway to heaven, or take the elevator to heaven.
We decided to take the stairway and i think they are around 1000 steps ?!

I have seen similar scenery in Vancouver. Stunning.

Fun Time, adventure, work out, challenge, and more fun.

The hard part, makes the reward more valuable.

Resorts are a luxury in Karma Kandara

Godess Islands Retreat

White sand – And exactly what the sea looks like.

This is what they call “Nammos Islands of Karma Kandara”

On our way to the next stop, we bump into the Boss of the Monkey Mafia – He receives all stolen items from his monkeys.

This is one hungry Monkey.

… another hungry monkey.

On our way to the famous Keck & Fire Dance

The Famous dance – it sure is different and the best part for me was watching the sunset in the background.

… and this part.

This is Ketut, and he sure is a happy old man.

The Beach

Kudeta is another must see.. make it during sunset

Breathtaking sunset view

Leave a comment on this photo…

Or this ?

by the way, all the sunset photos are 100% untouched.

Perfect for photoshoots, romance, inspiration, writing, day dreaming and positive energy.

On the way to another great sunset + night out | Rock Bar

Rock bar is at Ayana Resort – Gorgeous

These sunset photos are also not edited from Ayana Resort. Scary Beautiful.

The Infinity Pool


Because of the sunset view; It took us hours to get through the resort and reach the Rock Bar.

We Love Bali

Don’t forget to leave your foot prints 🙂

One visit, is not enough – I will be back soon. BALI 2010

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