Amsterdam in 24 hours 


1- People were not as friendly as expected

2- The Red Light District is beyond imagination

3- At the Red Light District 80% of the pedestrians are men

4- Around July 1st, it was breezy and a sweater was needed all through-out the day.

5- Watch out from bed bugs in your hotel room

6- Wear very comfortable shoes, all we did is walk… and walk… and walk…

Must See, Eat, and Do…

Train: A little bit complicated, finding the right track and not missing the train for the 4th time.


Start walking around Dam Square – starting from the Central Station. Beautiful City

Make sure you check out the famous Emergency Coffee Shops, it sure will satisfy your cravings.

Archeticture is stunning.

French Fries are very famous in Amsterdam

Ask around for the Museum

Take the Boat or Canal Cruise: Fun and you get to see all the Boat Houses

Boat Houses: I loved them.

Ever thought of having dinner or a pre party on a Canoe?

Flower Market

Lego: it is said that there is a Lego Land and Tulip Fields near by.

Cafe Hoppe was established in 1670, it has great reviews for being very authentic and is refereed to as the “Brown Cafe”

Feel free to post your comments 🙂

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