Let us Admire

Dear Loved Ones,

This world is soon to be gone,

Let us admire what is left of it, what surrounds us, what comes to us, and even what leaves us, let us turn our heads around and tilt our backs to the front, let us sit upside down and do hand stands, let us see the world from the other side, let us change the blacks into the whites and the roses into vases, let us not waste one more day, let us not wait one more minute, let us cherish every moment we walk through and in to, from the very moment of now till the very moment of the next, let no one stop you, let no one pull you, let you be in the surface of your own earth, standing with both feet touching your grounds, don’t wait for no one to tell you what to do or where to go, but listen instead to the bottom of your heart, let the heart beats direct you, let them guide you, close your eyes and use every other existing sense in you to feel and admire every living thing around you. Admire yourself, your body, your movements, admire your taste, your vision, the sound, admire your breath, the feel of the air against your body, admire the kisses that rain upon you, the arms that go around you, admire the people who sit beside you, the people who call and message you, admire the sun when it shines, the clouds that shades you, admire the sky that is so high, and the grounds that carry you, admire the shadows of people living by you, admire the scent of your meals and the scent of your nourishment, admire your presence, your presents presence, your belongings, your capability, capacity, your possibilities and your whole self.

Daily Prompt: Admire. 

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Big Black Hole


Whatever it is; CRISIS,

We create our own CRISIS,

All of it, like broken glass, just smash it down with your own stamp and turn them into the smallest pieces surfacing the bottom line of your skull,


They scream out loud “IT IS CRISIS”

Who are they, and who determines what is CRISIS,

Why scream so loud, when all you can do is sweep the pieces off the floor, trash them or super glue them back together,


They can be simple new choices,

Those crisis of yours can be better yet turned into choices,

Just look at what can be done and not what has been done,

Leave it, let it, mend it, just don’t turn everything into a whole black hole, where only your nose fits but then it is stuck, maybe forever, with a black hole on the tip-top of your nose, you will always have to live with it, you will always be the only one, SEEING IT.

Daily Prompt: Crisis

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To the Intelligent

The meanest earning that goes on in the world,

is it ever practiced without the guidance of a master?

It begins with knowledge and is followed by action

That it may yield fruit after a while or after death.

Apprentice yourself, O possessor of intelligence,

To a generous and righteous craftsman.

Seek the pearl in the oyster-shell, my brother,

And seek craftsmanship from the skilled.

If you meet sincere spiritual counselors,

Deal fairly with them, and be eager to learn:

Don’t put on any airs.

If a tanner wears a threadbare coat,

That doesn’t diminish the master’s mastery;

If the blacksmith with massive biceps

Wears a patched apron while flexing the bellows,

His reputation doesn’t plummet in people’s eyes,

So strip the raiment of pride from your body:

In learning, put on the garment of humility.

Rumi – Mathnawi

DailyPrompt on Layers

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Let Your Mind Serve You, Let It Not Destroy You

It is like being stuck in jail, only you have made this jail by yourself for your own self. Caged inside your own thoughts and head, creating knots that only gloom your serenity and sanity. You block the air from reaching out to your brains to free your repeated thoughts from strangling you down your own drain. Just breath, forget about it for a moment, get up and shake it off, move, leave, do something different, put a smile on someone’s face, change the nature you have created around you and pull yourself down to your own ground. Breath again, think about the possibilities, the multiple doors that can yet still open, think about the miracles that took place and still can take place , think about your opportunities, un-limit yourself and stop limiting yourself. Free yourself from your own cage, your own mind that can twist you apart. Let your mind serve you and let it not destroy you… Autonomy

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UP in the air.

It is like a routine, a daily reminder, to get up, and start something new, everyday.

It is like walking up a mountain, between the trees, and the wind, and the air, and the breeze, and to breathe, once again, to remember, that life, is still up and running.

It is like being on the plane, looking out the window, to remember, the advantages of today, the opportunities of tomorrow.

It is like looking into the clouds, so white and fluffy, so inseparable and invisible, looking different at every angle, you can never get it right, because there is no right.

It is about the horrific things, that take place, every day, in this world, that make us forget, about the little things, we are surrounded by… reasons to be grateful for, that we keep pushing aside.

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