An inspiring short story on Wisdom

One upon a time, there was an anthropologist who discovered a lost tribe living far from civilization. The people of this tribe were friendly and kind and seemed very wise. In spite of the fact that the man’s inner confusion and unhappiness was disturbing to their harmony, they accepted and made him feel welcome.

He befriended one of the inhabitants of a small village. One day this friend took him to the top of a high cliff overlooking a fast-moving and tumultuous river with a small island in the middle of it. There was a calm, mysterious beauty about the island, but it seemed impossible to reach. Dangerous currents and whirlpools swirled around the island, and there was no bridge from either shore. The water looked too dangerous even for boats. The man gazed for a long time at the island and was curiously moved; he felt that it was his destiny to visit this island.


After a time, another man climbed down the cliff over a barely visible path and stood quietly on the edge of the shore. Eventually a rainbow appeared and seemed to make a beautiful bridge from the shore to the island. The anthropologist was amazed when the man on the shore put his foot on the rainbow and crossed over to the island!

“How did he do that?” he asked his friend. “It is very simple. You just need to know your color. Put your feet exactly on that color, and you will be able to cross over.” The anthropologist was very excited because he thought he had found the answer to fulfilling his destiny and visiting the island. He said to his friend, “You are a very wise man and surely you can tell me: what is my color?” His friend said that that was not possible. “The color is inside you, and only you can discover it. However, I can help you to find the way.”

The anthropologist was impatient and kept asking “How? What must I do?” His friend explained that he must study, read, and meditate and that he would bring him to other wise people who could guide him, but he said, “Only you can find your color.”


And so the anthropologist worked with the wise people of the village, studied and meditated, and after many, many months, he felt he was ready to try to reach the island. With his friend, they climbed down the cliff path to the edge of the shore, looked across to the special, magical island, and waited patiently. Soon a rainbow appeared and made a bridge to the island. He put his foot on the color that he recognized as his and, yes, he crossed the river on that rainbow to the island of his destiny. He spent many days exploring the island, finding it full of marvelous colors, the colors of all the wise people who have visited before him. He finally understood that he had to leave his color here on the island, that very special and personal color it took him so long to find. But when he left, he knew that he would take away with him a little bit of the color of each wise person who had come before him.

Now he is truly finding harmony for himself and learning what wisdom is.

Adapted from a story by Patrick Condamin


Quote of the day – You can make a difference

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“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” Robert F. Kennedy

Photograph taken in Zanzibar

What does PEACE stand for in Islam?

We live to learn about the Divine in each one of us, here is one name of divinity to learn and expand within, during the month of Ramadan. Also explains how Peace is a core in the religion of Islam.

السلام: تقول اللغة هو الأمان والاطئنان ، والحصانة والسلامة ، ومادة السلام تدل على الخلاص والنجاة ، وأن القلب السليم هو الخالص من العيوب ، والسلم (بفتح السين أو كسرها ) هو المسالمة وعدم الحرب ، الله السلام لأنه ناشر السلام بين الأنام ، وهو مانح السلامة فى الدنيا والآخرة ، وهو المنزه ذو السلامة من جميع العيوب والنقائص لكماله فى ذاته وصفاته وأفعاله ، فكل سلامة معزوة اليه صادرة منه ، وهوالذى سلم الخلق من ظلمه ، وهوالمسلم على عباده فى الجنة ، وهو فى رأى بعض العلماء بمعنى القدوس . والأسلام هو عنوان دين الله الخاتم وهومشتق من مادة السلام الذى هو اسلام المرء نفسه لخالقها ، وعهد منه أن يكون فى حياته سلما ومسالما لمن يسالمه ، وتحية المسلمين بينهم هى ( السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ) والرسول صلى الله عليه ةسلم يكثر من الدعوة الى السلام فيقول : السلام من الاسلام.. افشوا السلام تسلموا .. ثلاث من جمعهن فقد جمع الأيمان : الأنصاف مع نفسم ، وبذل السلام للعالم ، والأنفاق من الأقتار ( أى مع الحاجة ) .. افشوا السلام بينكم .. اللهم أنت السلام ، ومنك السلام ، واليك يعود السلام ،فحينا ربنا بالسلام.  من اسماء الله الحسنى

Peace: Is one of the names of God in Islam, and it means the feeling of being safe, tranquil, protected, and secured. And it also comes from salvation and survival. And a Peaceful heart has no defects or infections. And to be at Peace, is to be Peaceful and never fight. And God in Islam is Peace, for God spreads Peace between creatures, gives Peace in life and after. Peace is God, from God and to God. All Peace that comes within you and out of you is the source of the Divine in you, peace comes and is given from the Divine. And the religion of Islam comes from the word of Salam which means Peace in the Arabic language, which also means to free oneself from the self and into the Divine, and therefore to promise in life to only be Peaceful, spread Peace and make Peace. Muslims traditional greeting between one another is the saying “Translated from Arabic: Peace be upon you along with God’s mercy and blessings.” And the Prophet Mohammad PBUH promotes excessiveness in spreading Peace and he said: Peace “In Arabic: Salam” comes from Islam, spread Peace and you will be in Peace which also in has a second meaning: Spread Peace and you will be a Muslim “Since Islam & Salam are derived from one another.

مسد الاقصى المقدس - Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem، أسماء الله الحسنى ،God's 99 names in Islam

Motive of the day, Everything and everyone is interconnected through an invisible web of stories… So, speak words of wisdom.

The universe is one being. Everything and everyone is interconnected through an invisible web of stories. Whether we are aware of it or not, we are all in a silent conversation. Do no harm, practice compassion. And do not gossip behind anyone’s back, not even seemingly innocent remark. The words that come out of mouths, do not vanish but are perpetually stored in infinite space, and they will come back to us in due time. One man’s pain will hurt us all. One man’s joy will make everyone smile.

The Sufi mystic & Islamic scholar Jalal ad-Din Rumi – Rule#26 from the book 40 Rules of love by Elif Shafak

Thousands of people attend the Bearpit Karaoke show at meauerpark

Sometimes, we have things to say, but we stop realizing the difference between an unclear image of thoughts and a message that we wish to deliver. Thoughts are not always accurate, they are not always true, they are not always honest. They can deceive us, sometimes, and sometimes, they can move us, change us, make us and break us. So when you have thoughts, let them swim. Let the waves of your thoughts move freely into the shapes they wish to take or form. Forget about time, on your wall or in your pocket. Let go of fake deadlines, and limits that only you are setting for yourself. Do not feel pressured or pursued to answer, speak or explain when you are still uncertain of the words you wish to use, meanings you wish to explain, stories you need to tell. Say what feels right at the very right time, just be honest with yourself, say that you have no answer when you are not certain, say you are not ready to explain because you still have meanings missing. When did it become a requirement for us to all have answers to each and every question we are asked. It truly makes a big difference when you speak with clarity, speak with a positive message, speak with a convinced tone of voice, speak with a comfortable smile, speak with a spark, when you speak only words of wisdom.