A valley worth knowing about; this is Wadi Yabis and to some of you Wadi Rayan… Nature is Magical…

Wadi Rayan, Wadi Yabis.

وادي الريان – وادي يابس

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Wadi stands for Valley, and Jordan is very famous for its beautiful valleys.

Wadi Yabis used to be known as Wadi Rayan for it used to be rich in water until the river got divided between farms and different areas and so Wadi Rayan became Wadi Yabis which stands for Rough surface valley.

Wadi Rayan or Wadi Yabis is between Ajloun and Jordan Valley. It over looks beautiful scenes and its nature is breath-taking.

I joined a high-spirited group of people organized by Treks who were phenomenal at being guides and creating a fun safe atmosphere.

We started our walk down Yabis starting from Oudeh watermill in Al Ayoun and following the wadi down past orchards and stunning ancient Roman olive trees that are around 1500 to 2000 years old.….Read More



Why you should consider visiting AlSalt “السلط” ? An ancient town located in Jordan.

It truly is incredible, to feel the history speak to you through the architecture of the city. I read somewhere online that Al Salt City was built by Alexander the Great and was known as Saltus in Byzantine. I am not very familiar with the history of Al Salt, but while I was wandering around the city, I was able to learn some, and therefore, I plan to visit again, learn more and find all the historic attractions that I still haven’t located. But here, I will share with you how you can spend an awesome day enjoying what is beautiful and authentic. Read more and find more photos of what to do in Al Salt.

Most pictures are taken with a Canon 70D.

Morning Diary Day 8 – Jabal Amman; you are breathtaking

Sunday, September 21 2014

Amman – Jabal Amman – Part 2

From last Thursday’s diary I continue with this beautiful morning, stumbled upon beautiful places, and beautiful people. There is nothing more beautiful than art. Emphasizing on the natural beauty that exists, or beautifying your surroundings. Earth colors are welcoming, they are refreshing and warm. Our authenticity is our beauty and our weapon. Don’t let it fade, and don’t destroy it, instead be aware and proud of it. Here are my findings from Jabal Amman, beauty and art in everything I encounter. All my pictures are taken with my Canon 70D.

I have stumbled upon this awesome song that I would like to share with you; alec troniq, mind doodle.

Morning Diary Day 6 – Deir Ghbar Abdoun Amman Jordan

Wednesday, September 17th 2014

Amman – Deir Ghbar – Abdoun

There is something about sequence that just attract me, the way the trees look, or windows, houses and even the tiles. I just find something so inspiring about them, as well as color combinations that most probably happen coincidentally. I also think the sky looks phenomenal when it is cloudy, truly walking around your city is a different experience.

In Jordan, we are mostly in our cars driving around. I suggest we all try to get out there by foot, you can meet new people, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the little details around the houses and gardens. Today, I had my earphones and chose one of my favorite playlists on 8tracks. I truly lived a fairytale walking over earth, listening to great music, and taking pictures with my Canon EOS 70D of just anything that attract me.

Morning Diary Day 4

Tuesday, September 10th 2014

Amman – Rainbow Street – Jabal Amman

Thanks to my Canon 7D i am not editing any of my pictures 🙂 This time I went walking in one of the most urban areas in Amman. There is character in Jabal Amman, and there is way much more to see but this is just a glimpse to Amman’s favorite “Rainbow Street and its artful finds”… Again another experience with another song by The Strokes “You Live Once”