9 things to do in Zürich in less than 24 hours…


In less than 24 hours, Voted as my favorite city in the World

Zürich is like a dream land, it is like entering a big Hamleys shop only made in the 1500. It is a true toy city. Art is everywhere, in everything you look at, or at least that is how I describe it.

I didn’t get the chance to explore it as much as I wanted to do, but I was told it is small and easy to explore.

1- Lake Zürich 

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, and is surrounded by Lake Zürich, which you will get to see from wherever you are at in Zürich.

2- Roam around Altstadt

Zurich is divided into 12 districts and Altstadt is the 1st district of Zürich and is the center, the old town. It is divided into 4 parts: Rathaus, Hochschulen, Lindenhod and City.

3- Learn about the Guild Houses 

Or what are also known as Zunfte which stand for the association with artisans or merchants who control a practice of their craft in a particular town. In Zurich under the system in 1336 with the “guild revolution” of Rodlf Burn.

4- Shop as you Walk around the old town

In Zürich, you will find things you have never seen elsewhere. This city is full of treasures. Full of unique items, and can’t wait to go again and walk into each shop.

Visit the artist and skulpturan Susanna Ruttimann Kieoenhuer 

Visit Markt Lucke 

And other shops around


Morning Diary Day 7 – Experience an authentic urban lifestyle in Amman

Thursday, September 18 2014

Amman – Jabal Amman – Rainbow | Part 1

What a lovely day. So this is not the first time I cover Jabal Amman on my blog, seriously you can never get bored with this incredible area. I went for an early walk with my friend Amira and we stumbled upon the most beautiful houses, scenery and gardens. A life full of opportunities and surprises only when you are open for them. I suggest you try to walk down the corner after Falafel Al Quds towards downtown area, you will find 7iber building on your right which is a must see, and if you wish to have a tiny little urban office or share one you can try it out, it is defiantly an experience worth living.

A great song I stumbled upon Simpre Me Queddara by Bebe

In love with my Canon EOS 70D

Morning Diary

Sunday, September 7th 2014

Amman – Webdeh Area

Ear phones, music, and an escape for 5 minutes – Jadal a Jordanian Arabic Rock Band playing Abd Al Haleem Hafiz Cover Song

Using my beautiful CANON 70D

Al Balad – Downtown Amman

Al Balad – Downtown Amman.

Almost everywhere around the world, Downtown is where the primary shops are located and the best of the events take place, it is where everyone wants to hang out and be at, but in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, things are a little different.

Click on the photo below to learn more about Downtown Amman 🙂 – With Love.

Our mother Amman the city of Jordan at the Balad downtown area with a man from the municipality

Click here to be redirected to AlBalad photo diary.

via Al Balad – Downtown Amman.