What is behind the beautiful designs of Cecilie Copenhagen and the Palestinian Keffiyeh? شماغ فلسطين في الدينمارك

Cecilie Copenhagen Shmakh Hatta كوفية حَطّة شماغAs I stumbled upon Cecilie Copenhagen on instagram, I immediately fell in lover with her designs. I also then started wondering, if there is a message behind her collection? But I didn’t find any messages. The only message I concluded that the designer behind this collection just fell in love with the fabric, that to most of the Arabs is very political.

And since am an Arab, I must admit my attached relationship to this fabric, that we refer to as “kufiya الكوفة, shemagh شماغ, or Hattah حَطّة”. This fabric means so much more than just a scarf, it is a statement. To me, it is a remembrance of my love and belonging to a home that I am not allowed to refer to freely, as my home. It also gives me a sense of unity, to every and to each person that carries or wears this scarf around themselves. This fabric is a connection, it is the dream for unity, human nation equality, for eternal world-wide peace and love.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

To Arabs, this is a fabric used as a scarf for protection against sunburn, cold wind, dust and sand. It comes in different colors, but mainly black & white or red & white. To Palestinians, the black & white scarf grew to become a symbol, a national fabric, a political message worn to most protests and events. It is a statement of Palestinians rights to return home, Palestinians right to full human rights, and the recognition of Palestine, the land that has been occupied and terrorized since 1948.

(Photos are from google and are not related to Cecilie Copenhagen Collection.)

This fabric has been recently used by many designers, Arabs and non Arabs, who tried to create a trend, a fashionable statement in combination with its political symbol. But I must admit, that the designs of Cecilie Jorgensen who is behind Cecilie Copenhagen that claims to have nothing to do with politics and yet has everything to do with fashion; are just beautiful.

(Photos belong to Cecilie Copenhagen.)

I personally can’t wait to see what is next and I can’t wait to order from her website Cecilie Copenhagen or from Browns Fashion. You can read more on Cecilie Copenhagen from the following blog posts: Rich Girls, Rosy Cheeks, Sage and Clare, and Cover.

Cecilie Copenhagen

Shop for the straight cut

Nothing feels as good as wearing what makes you feel comfortable and free. Straight cuts are in, and gives you the feeling of freedom, they might not be very feminine but they still sure can be attractive.

Try out a straight dress or a straight top with pants and look fabulous.

Here are my favorite straight cut looks from designers like Cacharel, Fendi, Giles, Jil Stuart, Rag & bone, Tory Burch, Vera Wang and many more. All photos belong to www.style.com and are from the fall winter 2014/2015 collections.

Fashion Reflex: The Art Trend & how to wrap the best of it around yourself.

Art is an incredible way to express yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, and your understanding. Art is free, it is the freedom of expression, you can express your love in artistic way, you can express your anger through art, and you can express what is hard to speak or write through art. Art is an international language. There is art for every one of us, and we should all be artistic in our own way.

Fabric prints is art; stripes, colors, patterns, prints, all of it is a form of art, how you dress, what you mix, and what you put on is a form of art. So be artistic, in the way you shop, what you choose to dress, how you dress it, create patterns, draw sometimes, back, sing, or dance, be creative and let it all out.

Today I choose to share with you the art I found in the prints of this seasons fall winter 2014/2015 looks by designers like Burberry Prorsum, Diane Von Furstenberg, Elie Saab, Etro, Issa, Just Cavali, Karen Walker, Leonard, Manish Arora, Opening Cermony, Talbot Runhof, Tia Cibani, and many more. All pictures belong to www.style.com

I find wearing leather during winter is so much fun, buy your best leather items this winter.

You can only go wrong with leather if it is not the right cut for you, but in today’s world, and multimillion different existing designers, I am pretty sure you can find just the perfect pair for you. Try shopping online at www.netaporter.com , www.shopbop.com , www.asos.com , www.brownsfashion.com , www.temperleylondon.com , www.theoutnet.com

Favorite looks from this winter and fall collections from designers like Balenciaga, Balmain, boss, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, McQ Alexander McQueen, Vera Wand and many others. All photos belong to www.style.com


Fashion Reflex: What is different about you is what is beautiful; make it stand out with confidence and self-love.

You are who you are because of the difference in you. You only become you because you are not everyone else. What is very beautiful about people is that we are all made differently, we have so much in common but so much that is different. Looking up at people can distract us from being who we truly are, we must always remember to isolate ourselves from time and time and listen to our inner self.

What is different about us is what is beautiful, so let it be and let it stand out. Hiding it will only make you feel tired of pretending and will only make people feel there is something off about you. Instead, look at your difference with love and share it with the world because without it things are incomplete. We all need our differences to be brilliant at what we do; we all have different interests to create different things in this world. Be that person, be yourself, be different, love your difference and share it.

This fashion post is about contrasts, is about fashion statements, and different trends and personalities. Photos are from the fall winter 2014/2015 collections by designers like Altuzarra, Bottega Veneta, Christian Dior, Issa, Joseph, Kaelen, Martin Grant, Paul & Joe, Paul Smith, Tsumori Chriato and many more. All photos belong to www.style.com

Fashion Reflex: Emphasize on the good, and let go of what you believe can be better. Fashion post on waist belts.

Focusing on what we do not want, or do not enjoy will only make our lives miserable and will only make things seem harder and unjust. But we forget that it is our choice and our own capability to just stop focusing on what bothers us, and instead focus on the good in our lives.

We all have something good going on, and if we can’t see it, then we need to repair our vision. Take your time to locate what is good in your life, but be generous while you see it, look at the good and feel good, write it down as to remember it and be grateful for it. Now start focusing on that good in your life, and start focusing on attracting more good into your life. Slowly you will realize what used to bother you have either disappeared or you have found a way to adapt to it and accept it as it is and even maybe start to see the good in what you saw as bad. Remember to always give things the time it needs, nothing changes in seconds, and nothing disappears or become, things need nourishment, need our attention, our love and our hope.

In this fashion post, designers have emphasized on the waist by adding a belt, because it is a beauty, so no matter what you are dressed, try to emphasis on what makes you feel more feminine, more beautiful and more self loved.

From the fall winter 2014/2015 collections by Balmain, Burberru Prorsum, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karen, Elie Saab, Leonard, Maison Martin Margiela, and many more. All pictures belong to www.style.com

Fashion Reflex: Looking at ends with joy and new beginnings with prayers of enthusiasm, wishing everyone a sparkling new year.

Today, I would like to write this and celebrate with every word I type. I wish to wish every one of us happy thoughts, blessings, and the feeling of being grateful to every single day that have passed by us even if it contained sorrow, for in every sorrow there is a hidden blessing or a hidden gift that we just need to find while we continue our journey. We all loose loved ones on the way but it is our choice to look at it as a loss, when instead we can look at it as a gift. Those people who have passed away were given gifts in our lives, we were lucky to know them, live with them and love them. Life is a lifetime cycle and we were born to know that our lives do end. The end should never be looked at with sorrow, but should be looked at with joy, should be looked at with gratefulness, and with respect. But as we continue knowing that to every end there is a new beginning we should be filled with hope, faith and enthusiasm.

Every year, I write a new resolution, and every end of each year I look at what I have accomplished from the list. This year of 2014 was the first year I truly accomplish almost all my list and the reason is I have learned to stop writing down unrealistic goals and instead writing what is realistic and accountable goals that I know if I don’t achieve within the same year I either no longer want the goal or I just need to continue achieving it within the next year.

Be true to yourself always, and be easy on yourself, try to look at your own window that will reflect to you what you and only you truly want and not what seems to be or is surrounded by you. Try to listen deeply; if what you write down as your resolution is something you are passionate for, looking forward to have, or experience then you will feel the enthusiasm towards it.

In this post, I am sharing looks from this season that are all about sparkling. Since the new year of 2015 is coming up, then dress up with sparkles, frost yourself with what will glitz and glow. Be joyous for what has passed and what is yet to come, and direct your attention to attracting the best of your own imagination.

Here are looks from the fall winter 2014/2015 collections by designers from Bluemarine, Dolce & Gabbana, Isabel Marant, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, No. 21, Reem Acra and many more. All pictures belong to www.style.com

Do you want to look elegant for the holidays?

Elegance is beautiful and fashionable at the same time. It has always been my favorite style. It gives confidence, sophistication, and present.

I have noticed designers have focused a lot this season on using the same print or color for the full look, and it looks pretty amazing. Head to toe painted in one color, it can be dramatic, but it can also be utterly elegant.

In my choice here, I have chosen different colors and prints that are combined to form a look, and I believe they look great. It looks like it is time for a monochromatic trend. Try it out today, mix the same colors together even if they don’t match so much in tone and see how you feel.

Here are my selection from this seasons fall winter 2014/2015 runway shows, with designers like Chanel, Esacda, Fendi, Jason Wu, Jil Sander, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Stella MacCartney, Valentino and many more. All photographs belong to www.style.com

Fashion Reflex: It is the comfort season.

Every once in a while, we deserve to throw our selves into a pile of comfort, meditative state of body and mind. Surrounding ourselves with comfort, softness, happy colors, and lots and lots of warmth.

I am not a big fan of fur coats to be honest, but they just feel incredible, they keep me warm, they make me feel romantic, and rolled with love. Fur coats not only feel good, but they look best with evening gowns! I find it very difficult to fit a suitable coat over any gown when wearing to a wedding or any formal event. But I do love fur scarfs and fury blankets, and I mostly like to feel warm all the time in winter.

When shopping for fur, shop it right, and shop it before the very cold winter, find the color the suits you, and find the design that fits you. Here I have selected my favorite fur items from the fall winter 2014/2015 collections from designers like: Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Fendi, Gucci, J. Mendel, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, Sonia Rykiel and many more.

All photos belong to www.style.com

Fashion Reflex: Falling in love with blues this winter.

The color blue has been dominant for few years now, and it is only growing on the runway and on us. Feeling blue is not a good feeling at most times; ironically, wearing it makes you stand out. There is something about the color blue that I just admire, it is very serene, and yet very attractive. It is different but very natural and it brings out rose cheeks and lips. I couldn’t resist the following blue outfits and decided to share them here today.

Photographs are all from the fall winter 2014/2015 collection by designers like Alexis Mabile, Iceberg, Jill Stuart, Karen Walker, Lela Rose, Osman, Richard Nicoli, Stella McCartney, Chloe and many more. All photos are from www.style.com