Spring in Webdeh

What about closing out the outside world,

What about staying inside your own being exploring your own ventures,

What about not giving a f and listening to your inner sound,

What about being sure your not missing out and instead you explore the movements within you,

What about you ignore it all and just give yourself the chance to explore your being,

Create some art, your kinda art, the art that is just different from anything else, and guess what, it is only art when it does not necessarily make the same sense to everyone else…

What is inside you let it outside,

Make it your outside world,

Make it what you have been missing out on instead,

Make your own art your life.

We choose to use the language that we want people to understand

Book Review.

“Culture is interpretation. Facts are made, and the facts we interpret are made and remade. They cannot be collected as if they were rocks, picked up and put into cartons and shipped home to be analyzed in the laboratory.” Refelections on Fieldwork in Morocco by Paul Rabinow was my book choice for February.

It is a great book for people who wish to get a little deeper insight on anthropology and the work anthropologists can do. It is also insightful to how interpretations can take place between different cultures, how perspectives and situations matter, where our eyes are set to be seen from and how the person seen chooses to present his subjects. It is quiet mind moving, and gets us thinking about the way we view new cultures when we first get introduced to them, and since today we live in a cosmopolitan world through the internet if not through the cities we live in, the way we perceive new cultures lies on the hands of both the viewer and the viewed. And I personally think, it is becoming more important today, to open up the spaces between our understanding to the tool of communication.

Bourdieu in his afterword in Reflection on Fieldwork in Morocco said, “But, as is usual with these matters involving much more cognitive understanding, we must not believe too quickly in our own comprehension.’ And I believe this does not only go to Anthropologists per se, maybe Anthropologists should just be more aware of their comprehension since they tend to later communicate their comprehension of their study, but at least we need to highlight to ourselves and to others, that our comprehension is according to the situation we were in, and different comprehension is always possible.

Bourdieu also compares our communication relationship with what Jean Piaget once said, “it is not so much that children don’t know how to talk: they try out many languages until they find the one their parents can understand”, and this opens up a wide spectrum to our reflection on what we encounter, for truly, I for one, would communicate differently depending on the person who is of my opposite. How I predict their level of understanding of my world will affect my choice to how I wish to communicate it to them.

Why you want to add Ghent to your Travel List

I was going to title this blog post (Ghent is better looking than Bruges) but I felt that would be unfair for me to say. Bruges is beautiful, but there was a little something more to Ghent. Like an unfamiliar spice maybe, that hits you with a spark that does not budge. Seriously, Ghent took my breath away, I think it was above my expectations, maybe I had very little expectations of it, maybe it is underrated. Ghent is so beautiful, it is mesmerizing. I still remember very well entering the city of Ghent, we decided to visit it before Bruges so we get most of the time in Bruges, but I guess the next time I will want to spend a full day in Ghent.

We entered the city, that slowly grew to become more medieval, the castles, and architecture of the middle ages are so loud and enormous, you will find your self in aw. The river is captivating, and you get to see it everywhere you look, between bridges, streets, shops and houses. This city kept surprising us with more beautiful architecture, art on the walls, and energy. There is energy in Ghent that I have not tasted elsewhere. You will find yourself smiling, and maybe dancing between the streets, literally, I did it, I even skyped with loved ones, I had to show them what I was seeing, it is that beautiful. The more you walk, the more you will be captivated by it, the more you will feel drawn to it, and the more you will want to spend more time in it. So visit Ghent with time between your hands, don’t rush it, don’t squeeze it between two cities, don’t underestimate it. It sure is more beautiful than you will expect or see in my photographs.

Enjoy this song while you are at it…

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Art found in Bruges

I am a little late publishing the post about my visit to Bruges… actually, am a little too late. I have visited Bruges last march, yup that is around six months ago, wow, it was at the beginning of the year, and look at us now in September. Well I have been pretty busy discovering more about myself, trying to put my pieces into places, I think I have done a good job, I deserve to celebrate, but I will wait a little more on the celebration.

For now, I will focus on sharing my remarkable experience in Bruges. This city, I must say is not like any other. It is heavenly beautiful. Your eyes will want to pop out from their place, like literally, if you are into architecture as much as I am, or even not so, you will just be crying while you look at the art pieces built together, this place is better than lego land. The houses, the colors of the doors, the way they are so flat and just like a big poster, but a 3D or a 4D poster (whatever makes more sense to you) where you can just open doors, and windows, and live inside them, this place… who lives in Bruges anyway?

It looks like a vacation city, imagine living in a vacation city? Well I guess that option is available. The only thing I did not enjoy, and it is kinda upsetting to have not enjoyed one thing in this pleasant place, is it’s food. The food was pretty disappointing. But I guess this gives you a reason to do prepare a nice picnic or just eat some fruits while you stroll.

A song to enjoy yourself while you look at the photographs

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A song to enjoy yourself while looking at my photographs:

bruges-travelarchitecture, bruges, beautygreen door, shop, interiorhorse, old, brugesalleyway, brugesbeige, camel, doordoors, brugesblue doorsgreen, windowhouse, bruges, architecturearchitecture, brugesgrey, door, window

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Moving Forward: Recharging my Senses

Finally, I took a move, I left (one of the places I call home) to find another home. But I visited a past home of mine, another place I grew up in, another air I breathed to grow up with, I came back again to Canada. I came to Toronto this time, my home is more in Montreal, where I grew up, but for personal reasons, I came to Toronto. The air is the same here, the people, the atmosphere, the architecture, the spirit, the life, the love, it is Canada, it sure can be home again for me. A beautiful place that brightens up your senses, recharges every little atom in your body, it brings every dead element back into life. A life changing atmosphere, where all you can see is bright, hope written everywhere, hope, equality, respect, people are generous, friendly, giving, welcoming, hugging, you feel hugged, warmed up in between their arms, loved, rubbed, you feel vibrant. A place where I would love to call home, I would run and never run out of my energy because there is always energy being filled back in. A place I am happy to call home.

Today I decided to walk from downtown Toronto to the famous farmer’s market known as St. Lawrence Market, we walked in and walked between every fruit and vegetable color that can cross your mind, cheeses that you never thought existed, like coconut brie cheese from Quebec to a caramelized goat cheese from Holland. We had blueberries and raspberries, mangos and watermelons. Fish market, meat market, chicken market, marinated in spices, herbs and juices dipped in date and fig mustard or something like cranberry juiced mustard, you can buy a bunch of sunflowers for five dollars, roses and colorful floral, you will find people from all age groups and all nationalities, a food market that makes you want to spend the whole day in it. We then walked to a yet better destination known as the Distillery District. A Victorian architecture, a historic site, something like the old side of Toronto, filled with art spaces, art sculpts and art galleries. Cafes, and restaurants, exquisite boutiques and findings, this area is not to be missed. We had Mexican food at El Catrin, an unforgettable Guacamole en la Mesa, vegetarian burritos, Todo Santos Ceviche “lime marinated fish with mangos”, fish tacos and Atun Tostadas “sliced thin raw tuna on crips”, it was all delicious. We decided to have dessert at the Harbourfront where we walked to right after, if you have not tried the BeaverTails, then that is a must. At Castor Patisserie, this mouth-watering fried dough pastry served with spread chocolate or cinnamon sugar and other options is to crave for. Grab some and sit by Lake Ontario. Clear skies, clear mind, people watching, journal writing, mind escaping and filtering, best recharging meditation method on earth. Just let it all out, and let all the new in. A great after noon at the lake view, followed by a great cup of coffee from the Belzac’s Coffee Roasters to end my day with. It is time to stay open for all the new coming in.








Art in the Palace – Brussels

Art is in everything, not only in what you see, art exists in what we don’t see, it exists in our thoughts, in the scent, in the words we speak, the words we hear, art resides inside all our hearts, and if we don’t see the art, then nothing we see will ever be beautiful.

Here I share some images from my travel in Brussels, Justice Palace, Halle Gate, and the famous Manneken Pis, all three in which art you will see.

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Town Hall – Brussels

What about the magic town hall?

A place where your eyes wont get enough of; beautiful architecture, just stand in the centre, sit even or maybe, look up, look around, wonder, and get lost between the art that has been designed around you.

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Daily Prompt: Luxury 


Down Town – Brussels


Take a walk to downtown Brussels, a beautiful walk, a beautiful experience, so many shops and beautiful streets in between to stroll and see. Starting from the square, also known as Place Royale, down the beautiful street of Coudenberg and into the Grand place.

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Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg-4Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg-4Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg-4Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg-4Belgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-6Belgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-1Belgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-2Belgium, brussels, travel, travel blog, architecture, Coudenberg Street-3Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Galeries-St-Hubert-2Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Galeries-St-Hubert-2Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Town-Hall-Grand-Place-6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Town-Hall-Grand-Place-6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -6Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Rue-de-Bouchers-1Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17Belgium-brussels-traveling-travel-blog-architecture-Down-to-Grand-place -17

Things to do in Stone Town, Zanzibar

Need a break from the beach? Then it is time to explore the city which I also highly recommend and needs at least a full day, head to Stone Town, it is about an hour and half drive from Nungwi and Paje.

Visit the Emerson Spice Hotel which is truly gem, reserve ahead of time to have a drink or some food at their rooftop, Lukmaan is also a popular local restaurant. Check out the Darjani Market and buy their famous spices, visit the Old Fort, Foodhani gardens, Old Dispensary, Old Slave Market, House of Wonders, shop around, and explore their doors and architecture (they are very famous for their doors).

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House of Wonders 

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Magic DoorTanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown, prison island-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown, prison island-6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown, prison island-1 The Emerson Spice Hotel Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

More Magic Doors

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown, prison island-1Darjani Market Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue, stonetown-1

Old Fort

The Architecture of Zanzibar

Because who are you, if you are not so different from everyone else? Click here to learn more about the culture and life in Zanzibar. 

Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6Tanzania, zanzibar, africa, african, cultrue -6