3 Cities to visit in Switzerland


Zurich: A Metropolitan City

Solothurn: A Baroque Medievel City

Jura Mountain: Natural & Spiritual

Visit Switzerland.

9 things to do in Zürich in less than 24 hours…


In less than 24 hours, Voted as my favorite city in the World

Zürich is like a dream land, it is like entering a big Hamleys shop only made in the 1500. It is a true toy city. Art is everywhere, in everything you look at, or at least that is how I describe it.

I didn’t get the chance to explore it as much as I wanted to do, but I was told it is small and easy to explore.

1- Lake Zürich 

Zürich is the largest city in Switzerland, and is surrounded by Lake Zürich, which you will get to see from wherever you are at in Zürich.

2- Roam around Altstadt

Zurich is divided into 12 districts and Altstadt is the 1st district of Zürich and is the center, the old town. It is divided into 4 parts: Rathaus, Hochschulen, Lindenhod and City.

3- Learn about the Guild Houses 

Or what are also known as Zunfte which stand for the association with artisans or merchants who control a practice of their craft in a particular town. In Zurich under the system in 1336 with the “guild revolution” of Rodlf Burn.

4- Shop as you Walk around the old town

In Zürich, you will find things you have never seen elsewhere. This city is full of treasures. Full of unique items, and can’t wait to go again and walk into each shop.

Visit the artist and skulpturan Susanna Ruttimann Kieoenhuer 

Visit Markt Lucke 

And other shops around


Visit the North side of the Western Alps, The Jura Mountains in Switzerland…

Jura Mountains.


Switzerland is very famous for its Alps mountains, but I was lucky to experience and explore the North side of the Western Alps, The Jura Mountains.

The Jura Mountains is located in Switzerland and extended into France and Germany.

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9 things to do when in Solothurn

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One of the most beautiful cities, I have ever visited.

Solothurn is a small city located along the Aare river and is known as the finest baroque town in Switzerland. Now all I wanted after visiting Solothurn, is to go back in time and history… Or, move to Solothurn and start my life all over again…

1. Wander around, and enjoy the art and details of the architecture.

2. Explore the Baroque and the Medieval and count windows.

3. Visit the St. Ursus Cathedral, which was first built-in the middle ages, renovated several times and looks like this today.

4. Search for the 11 fountains and learn about meaning behind the number 11. 

5. Explore the Clock Tower, built-in 1467 with an added astronomic clock-works in 1545. 

6. Visit Seit 1830 or what is also known as Kerzen Kolonialwaen Jeger shop for an unforgettable experience of shopping. 

Jeger kerzenjeger

7. Then have a quick bite at the most delicious Middle Eastern restaurant Pittaria that serves food from falafel, hummus, shwerma and more. Palestinian owner, cozy atmosphere and surely worth the visit.

8. Then it is time for dessert, and when in Switzerland, what is better than good chocolates for dessert. Visit Confiserie Hofer and Oetterli Kafee.

9. If you have the time, then I think this city was made for bicycles. It is spacious, no traffic, safe, and just utterly beautiful. 

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Morning Diary 17 – 24 hours in Zurich Switzerland – Part 2

Tuesday, November 11 2014

Zürich – Switzerland

After spending 12 hours in Zürich, I was lucky enough to have yet another 12 hours day time in this stunning city and I decided to just walk all over Zrich by foot from one area to another. It is quiet small and easy to move around, a bicycle would be faster and more fun, but if you wish to just stop when you want, take a photograph or just stare while you get inspired by all the little details and breathtaking architecture, then do it by foot. Zürich is one beautiful gothic medieval city that is just full of yet more surprises coming out from every corner… An art piece, a city full of art, a trip to remember and to repeat. Love Switzerland.

Morning Diary 16 – 24 hours in Zurich Switzerland – Part 1

Monday, November 10th 2014

Zürich – Switzerland

At this point and stage, I was just living, I let go of all my boundaries, and I decided not to plan my trip in Zürich, but to just join my beautiful friend who was very generous to take me around. Zürich is breathtaking, similar to Solothurn but much bigger and more cosmopolitan. Life is Zürich tempted me, and in my mind all I can imagine is living there in one of their guild houses, on the last floor with their gothic windows overlooking the cities lake and busy streets and night lights…

Healing thoughts: We live in a random life of a cycle that keeps rotating rotating and rotating until it stops… And who knows where it will stop.. It’s like gambling, you can live all your life practicing to predict where you will stop but even if you predict… it will stop anyway… Why bother? Why spend so much time searching for ways to predict ? What will it change ? What kind of preparations will be useful ? Just go round and round until it stops and your destiny is your destiny … Running from or to it will not help you form anything … Just be.. Be yourself, fill your life with the presence… Fill it with the instruments available to you today, fill it with the joy that is around you… The real joy is the joy of ones self satisfaction of nothingness. What is yours will always be yours and what goes away from you was never yours. So Believe… Breath and Be.

Morning Diary 15 – Solothurn… A fairy town, baroque medieval village in Switzerland

Saturday, November 8th 2014

Solothurn, Switzerland

Where do I start from; for the love of architecture ? this town is breathtaking. It is all about the details, about the little pretty things, it is colorful, full of authentic colors, and beautiful people walking around, you would sense they should be in some sort of a costume, but they are not. The tiny shops, the bicycles, the flowers, the windows, the doors, the river… I kept wondering how do the people live here? It is such a small city, but it brings happenings into your heart, unless it is because I haven’t explored the outside of the center. Anyway, if you ever visit Switzerland, try your best not to miss visiting this unforgettable city that is just about 2hours away from Zürich by train.

Morning Diary 14 – Camping, hiking and exploring at the Jura Mountains Oberbalmberg, Switzerland

Tuesday, November 4th 2014

Jura Mountains Oberbalmberg, Solothurn, Switzerland

A week was spent in this beautiful side of Switzerland, where nature is your source of everything. You wake up and sleep breathing the freshest breeze, looking at the most incredible colors of nature and dreaming of the magic that surrounds it. A great space, a great place, and fantastic group of people….