Sunset Diaries

And to every end a journey, and to every journey an end.

Love at First Sight

No filter… Just like the transformation of your heart… All you got to do is sit and watch it take transformation, let it take its full shape, lightness, softness, let it become flawless, clean, crystal clear, transparent, let it glow, be serenely powerful, let your heart be arousing, beaming, radiant and very magical. It is just like “love at first sight” you know it as soon as you see it, you look into it and you only see your better self through it. 

It is just like your taste buds, you can tell by the very first drip of it, the sweetness & sourness of it. And here I am just watching one of the most beautiful sunsets that transformed a sun’s reflection into the most sheer candle light. 

It was a dusty horizon and because of that it managed to be miraculous. Dead Sea 


Sun Setting over Lebanese Mountains

It can be dreamy, to watch the sunset. But it can also be awakening.

To a day, when the road started from the suburban area in northern Beirut, Rabieh, up towards the Cornet Chahwan town in the Mounts of Lebanon. We parked to overlook the magical Mediterranean Sea. The sun was on a straight angle towards the sea, forming a shiny magical luster that ends in merging the skies and the sea. The trees automatically became darkened, and the shadows of the clouds imprints over the waters, forming an illusion. It was the perfect start of the day, a perfect form of meditation.

We then started to go upscale, passing by Ain Aar, Bikfaya, Beit Chabab,towards Zaarour. We came across this stunning building that reminded me of the Renaissance architecture, it turned out to be an old tobacco manufacture. We then stopped by Beit Chabab and walked around its old village before we reached to our final stop Zaarour to watch the sunset.

We walked into the edges of the mountain, and sat between the clouds, as the sun started to set over the mountains, forming different shadows between every curve of each mountain, blending their presence into one another. It truly felt like waves of sound turned into a visual experience, tuning in the shadows together, forming a melody. The colors of the sky started to divide into levels, forming lines on top of one another like rose petals, with the sun fully circle, located in the very heart and center of the sky, looked like it was surrounded with warmth, while it was spreading eternal love.


I want my own fairytale 

I am not like you, and I don’t want to be… We are not like them, and I don’t want us to be… They never ask, and I don’t want them to… I don’t care about right and wrong because there is no right or wrong, there is my story and there is our story and I want them different.. I want it to be my story, different and personal. I don’t think or want to think there can be better, because I have the best thing I can ever wish for right now, here in my life. I am blessed on a blessed friday, I am grateful to have myself, and to have you as light as you are in my life. So let it all be part of life’s ongoing miracle.

“Your job is to live your life in a way that makes sense to you, not to “them”. Rumi 


If I had a plan…. 

I believe that God has a plan. A plan that is much better than your plan, my plan and their plan. He has a plan for every plan we make. He has the master plan. If i was you, i would not worry. I would focus on my goal and take honest steps with a heart that knows God is watching over me, protecting me & guiding me. I would listen to only my heart, my gut, my instincts. I would not worry to take the wrong decision, step or choice. Because i believe & i know that God has the bigger plan. And that with my pure heart, clear vision, and honest steps i take, God will always be there watching me, helping me. And eventually, with my patience, my persistence & good will, God will help put the right pieces in the right place for me. 💙  


Morning Diary 23 – How to spend a day living the 1900’s only right here and right now? … I did it, and it really felt like a dream.

Thursday, November 20 2014

Barcelona, Spain

What a beautiful day, my vacation is almost over, and I am now trying to soak in the very last bits of my traveling encounters. When traveling, I love checking out the festivals and events happening in the city and if they interest me at all, I take part, and to my luck, today, was an open day to many museums in Barcelona, but since it was a beautiful sunny day, I had to divide my time into 3: museums, beach and the famous 1910 amusement park. Truly this Tibidabu Park is over 100 years old, isn’t that just insane? No actually it is the best thing ever, not only is it so much fun, it is truly something beautiful to witness, photograph and just enjoy. I love fairy tales, Disney world, toy land, lala land, the fairies and the angels, call me crazy, call me a dreamer, but I believe they all exist and when I get the chance to visit an amusement park and one that is over 100 years old, then I sure consider myself lucky.

And here is a little something for you to go back to even before the 1900’s for the love of Beethoven

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D

Morning Diary 22 – I can’t think of a better day… Spend your day between the beaches and the mountains of Barcelona.

Tuesday, November 18 2014

Barcelona, Spain

Another irresistible sunny day, where me and my bubbly cousin decided to take the day off and bike to the Bogatell beach area for a quick tan before we head towards Montjuic for a sunset view only to realize that the sun sets from the other mountain side which is where the Tibidabo is. Nonetheless, Montjuic is worth a full day for it is one incredibly huge park that is just filled with magical nature, and for the love of nature, you do need a little nature self time every once in a while. I also probably haven’t mentioned this before in my posts, but my best advice for all those who are planning to visit Barcelona is to rent a bicycle as soon as you arrive. Getting around is very easy and it becomes so much easier and much more fun by bicycle.

A great folk song for you today by The deep dark woods, All the money I had is gone.

All photographs are taken with a Canon 70D

Sunset Diary – Amman Suburbs

Part 2

September 15 2014

In the suburbs of Jordan between Dabouq Amman and Salt

Watching the sunset anywhere around the world is just sensational. Here is my second part of my weekend spending in the suburbs of Jordan “Sukhtian’s Residence”. Beautiful atmosphere, great weather, fun people, and blessed evening of sunset romance, sightseeing and a great arabic song to listen to.

Some photo credit go to Shaker Al Zaben and Yazan Ashkar