A book of faith…

I was so happy to see the Quran displayed for people to look through at The Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding, not because it is the Quran per say but because of the fact that I believe religions in general have been misunderstood. We make of them what we want, we look at them from different perspectives, and rigidity in such is what brings much complications. But how the Quran were displayed was a welcoming way to retell us what it really is; a book of faith, that its goal is not to divide but to unite, is not to differentiate and separate but to guide us to love and accept. Just because I am Muslim and I choose to read the Quran, it does not make me any less of a Christian or a Buddhist. They all call for one God and for one Love. If I choose to go with one it should not mean I have abandoned the other, I instead chose to respect them all and accept them all. I am not deviant if I choose to read the Bible or visit the Synagogue. I believe they are all books of faiths and homes to connect with the higher power. All temples that are respected and that we feel we can spiritually connect with should not be or seen otherwise. Or thats just me. But thats how I feel when I see books that call for faith. I see love. And when we try to facilitate them to encourage us to love, then they suddenly shine upon the world.

A long time ago… it has been

Again and again and again I have been away. Too busy with the self. Not sure where this will take me yet. But I have missed blogging. I missed sharing and telling and writing and listening to my blog. I want to say I am back, as I plan to be back, but I still need few steps but I will strut if I had to. I will try my very best. And here is my first piece after considering coming back:

There is hoping, there is living, there is giving and there is being. There are those who are here for nothing but serving. Those who enjoy watching other beings grow. Those who by giving know they are bringing what is more important to our tables. It is not about giving, it is about making what is true worthy of living. Awakening our capability not to just be our highest self, but be our highest serving of our selves that help others be more of them selves. More the selves that is in reality grounded to the plantation of this earth. To the genuine reformation of prioritizing, reformation of the understanding of importance. The last longing feeling of pleasant that is not necessarily felt but acted upon. It is pure gem. It is the only pure human instinct. It is content. Change making. True change making.

Thank you Dr Kit

Keep Going…

There is enough in this world for everyone. Just don’t give up, don’t waste your time on dwelling, don’t be afraid to have missed something, don’t be envious or jealous, those are all moments of time being wasted, and more negatives will be drawn upon you. Just keep going, keep aiming, don’t let fear drag you down, choose to be joyful, and keep the faith in what is out there, that belongs to you. And even then, remember, we are not here to stay. Nothing at the end really belongs to anyone. 

An Imprortant Day

So what is it that you enjoy? What is it that you connect well with? Waking up to a small good read, maybe something that will give you energy, maybe a little chat with someone dear to your heart? Maybe few photographers reminding you of the highs of life? Maybe your tiny prayer book, few candles with your perfect scent? Maybe some native music, local music or symphony? What is it the makes your light shine? What is it the makes your cheek rise? Closing your eyes to a song that will only take you deep within your heart, connect, stay, sit, there inside your own self, sit, legs crossed, hands open, eyes closed, a smile, a soft cotton smile, let it soften every cell in your body, feel blissful, aroused to the idea of being elevated, now what is it that you want about today that you want to make happen? How can you imagine the process of what you are about to do, will go well, imagine it all from the very smallest, tiniest details, just go through it using your imagination, a magical option we all have within us, make your process the perfect way, feel the feeling you anticipate to feel, feel them deeply, hold into them, feel them and repeat them and say them, and attach yourself to them, watch your body vibrate light all around you, see them as sun rays going to all angles, see them spread and connect with other human beings who also need them, see your pink potion surround you with love, see that pink potion is only filing your ground, feel the amount of love one may have inside of each of us, feel it spread all around you like a hot steam that looks more like smoke, like cloud, pink, safe, loving, warm, and homogeneous.

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To the Intelligent

The meanest earning that goes on in the world,

is it ever practiced without the guidance of a master?

It begins with knowledge and is followed by action

That it may yield fruit after a while or after death.

Apprentice yourself, O possessor of intelligence,

To a generous and righteous craftsman.

Seek the pearl in the oyster-shell, my brother,

And seek craftsmanship from the skilled.

If you meet sincere spiritual counselors,

Deal fairly with them, and be eager to learn:

Don’t put on any airs.

If a tanner wears a threadbare coat,

That doesn’t diminish the master’s mastery;

If the blacksmith with massive biceps

Wears a patched apron while flexing the bellows,

His reputation doesn’t plummet in people’s eyes,

So strip the raiment of pride from your body:

In learning, put on the garment of humility.

Rumi – Mathnawi

DailyPrompt on Layers

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What Prayers Look Like During Ramadan

I found this beautiful photograph on Instagram yesterday that I could not take my eyes off. Beautiful. It sure is, as much as prayers in Ramadan is. Serene. Full of color. From the prayer mat to what people are covered up with; to perform their prayers. Their spirits rise above to meet in unity, diverting their hearts and thoughts towards a meditative state of mutual connection towards the Divine. A prayer performed to remember what we are grateful for, to remember there is something much bigger than all of us, all of this and all of that, to remember that we are not alone but gifted, given, surrounded by miracles. Prayers; no matter how they are performed, no matter by whom they are performed, where or when, resemble the same beautiful purpose to express ones presence, gratitude, a beautiful way to express mutual humility and to remember always to take part in the unity of humanity.

Ramadan is a holly month that unites Muslims all around the world to submit their souls in the name of spirituality. They fast, practice their prayers, contribute as much as they can to charity and to their communities, it is a month to unite the people together to remember that we are all here, alive, today, through a common source. To practice not only what is good, but what can be better, to spread love, and peace, to ask for forgiveness and new chances, to start over again, to help people start over again. It is a month of unity, and it is a month of remembrance, a month for-giving.

To a world of today that is thirsty for our unity and love.

Photograph by Yassine Ismail, Morroco, found on EmergEast Instagram account.

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Spiritual Writing on Letting Go

Ramadan Lesson number Two:

Let go; by giving, by sharing, by opening up. Let everything within you go. Let your attachments go, let your words go, let your thoughts go, just let go. Free yourself from your own self, and learn to let everything go.

Holding on to anything will cause us pain eventually, and in life, we happen to stumble over and over again onto obstacles and illusions that we only cause upon our self. One way to look at this is how to give without expecting back, how to love without expecting back, how to speak without expecting back, how to share without expecting back.

Train our souls, to give for the sake of the Divine, allow yourself to be His instrument, allow yourself to be the flower that moves with the wind, allow yourself to be the balloon that was set free by the little boy, allow yourself to be the bird that sings. Allow yourself to travel in life, to bring joy to yourself and to others. Practice by giving. Give once each day without wanting back, give for the sake of this earth to grow more greens, give for it to glow, and give for it to multiply.

We always want something back, and we always get so much back, but we forget, we become greedy, we train ourselves to become selfish and greedy. If I am not getting a response, I am never calling again, If I am not being loved, I am no longer loving, if I am not getting paid, I am no longer working. We always want something back, and it is good to get things back, but don’t be one of those who always want something back, who when you don’t get what you expect, you become upset and angry, you loose your joyous self, you loose your light, you loose your human element and become a greedy, grumpy human being.

Learn to let go, to let go of your expectations and thoughts, learn to give for no return, learn to give because you know there is a Divine, because there is something more powerful than you and everyone else, that there is something coming back to you always in different forms, in ways that we find are magical, in ways that we find no answers to, in ways that we can not predict or expect, we just receive, so give in that same way, in that way when you surprise people, when you put a smile into their hearts, when you put light into their eyes, give and ask for nothing back, want nothing back and expect nothing back.

hot air balloon, safari, jungle, Serengeti, sunrisehot air balloon, safari, jungle, Serengeti, sunrise
hot air balloon, safari, jungle, Serengeti, sunrise

hot air balloon, safari, jungle, Serengeti, sunrise
hot air balloon, safari, jungle, Serengeti, sunrise

Spiritual Writings & Leopards

Ramadan’s Lesson Number One: 

We never know what we are looking at, until we look deeper.

And we can only look deeper when we will and are welcomed to look deeper.

The door is opened, might be slightly opened, or even when it is locked and closed, it still is a view to look into and understand what it really is we are looking at.

First impressions never last, and they can mean something but are never accurate. We miss, most of the time.

But then, we get closer and closer to the true meaning of the picture we are looking into.

It can appear so dark, but once inside, it is so light and peaceful, and it can appear so light and once inside it is the darkest place on earth.

Nonetheless, we can never know just by looking at the cover.

The cover is a form. And our eyes can only have better first impression judgments when one’s vision is pure, and clean.

Other than that, our vision is blurred, mischievous, and malicious.

It is not a vision to count on, until it has been washed out from all vanity and desires. It must be like water, crystal clear.

Stereotypes are conducts of blurred vision. It is a cover that has been poorly interpreted over and over again. Most people tend to be followers, and so they follow the false meaning of the appearance.

Versus in the Quran are all forms, they can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted over and over again, they can give you a clue to what they might mean, but they are rarely understood within full meaning. The meaning of each verse has a deep story within, and only those who attain high spiritual connection can find it is easy to find true meaning behind each verse.

Life is also a form. It is a misinterpretation. Most things are poorly visible. Most things are apparent more than true wisdom, like flares, they can be easily put off or put aside. Most things in life are easily misunderstood. Because to meaning, it is more than what we just look at, meanings are mostly always hiding inside and behind, only those who are well experienced, and well explored, those who truly understand that behind each one of us, there is something a little something more than what we just put on and walk around with.

So listen more than look, for appearances are only appearances, what truly matters is what lies within.

The Letter B – حرف ال ب

Sufi mystics say the secret of the Qur’an lies in the verse Al-Fatiha.
And the secret of Al-Fatiha lies in Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

And the quintessence of Bismillah is the letter Ba,

And there is a dot below that letter…

The dot underneath the B embodies the entire universe…


From the book – Forty Rules of Love

– Kilimanjaro View

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From my readings… On Faith

My heart beats, my lungs breathe, my ears hear, my hair grows. And I don’t have to make them work-they just do. Planets revolve around the sun, seeds become flowers, embryos become babies, and with no help from me. Their movement is built into a natural system. I am an integral part of the system, too. I can let my life be directed by the same force that makes flowers grow-or I can do it myself. 

To trust in the force that moves the universe is faith. Faith isn’t blind, it’s visionary. Faith is believing that the universe is on my side, and that the universe knows what it’s doing. Faith is a psychological awarness of an unfolding force for good, constantly at work in all directions. My attempt to direct this force only interferes with it. My willingness to relax into it allows it to work on my behalf. Without faith, i’m frantically trying to control what it is not my business to control, and fix what it is not in my power to fix. What I’m trying to control is much better off without me, and what I’m trying to fix can’t be fixed by me anyway. Without faith, I’m wasting time.

A year of Miracles – Marianne Williamson