Free yourself 

“Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace.” Rumi – it is always right to unlock the prison within ourself & start by asking life for help. Ask life to help you clear out the way for you, to show you what is good for you & what is confusing you, ask life to show you the way out of closed doors & into open doors, ask God to help you find your answers & not stay stuck around question marks, ask God to help you learn, acknowledge, free yourself, free your mind, free your soul. True love is free, so be free. Look for the palace within you, look for knowledge, look for comfort, look for ease, look for imagination, exploration, space, look for joy, for contribution, for unity, look for resemblance, for alike spirits, for positivity. Believe in the spirit within you, it all takes.   

Never give up on yourself. 

“Never give up on yourself.” #Rumi – even if you had to take the longest road, even if you had to take the steepest valley, even if the pain is unbearable, even if life becomes suffocating, even if the way is blocked… Do not give up on yourself but instead… Ask for expansion, ask for breaking your own self barriers, ask for graceful love, ask for patience, ask for strength, ask for the angels to surround you, ask for God to protect you & ask yourself to set your soul free. Close your eyes if you have to, try to keep your wisdom third eye open, close your ears if you have to, but try to keep listening internally… Try and try again and try again but never ever give up on the most beautiful & solid thing you have got… Yourself.