Our Beauty

The perfect place for coffee time… or journal writing, book reading, self reflecting, listening to a podcast or favorite music, this place is the perfect place for good time, for inner time, for culture time. Take a dear person, show them around what really is ours, our culture, our history, our art, our ambiance. This is the meaning of true beauty, not trying to hard to be someone other than the self, but trying enough to be the best self.


I forgot to title this

As if I have the space or time or air to think about enrolling into anything, yet every time I read, sense or think, I am seeking to enroll in something. I am not quiet sure what has happened to me after my MA year of submission. I feel like I have been slapped into a coma and I can not manage to find a way out of it. I keep saying I have a priority but yet so much of my time is going off from it, and yet at the very same time, I am in search of something, I am absolutely unfamiliar with. Deep down, there is a sound, that tells me it is coming after me, and I will one way or another, find the crossing road with it, but for now keep going, keep seeking. Seeking for what? I am so unfamiliar with it, that every time I see the word enroll, I feel like it might be it, honestly I am loosing it, I barely have the time to blog, and if you ask me what am I so busy with, I have a hard time putting my words together to give you an accurate answer.

Figuring out my shit. Which I have been trying to figure out for God knows how long, but today it is a different kind of figure out, and as much as I am obsessed to enrolling into something new, the same much I am terrified by the idea of having to yet accomplish one more thing. I no longer want to accomplish anything, I now want to sustain. I want to focus, I want to stablize; my senses, my ground, my movement, my hand, literally, I want stability. Maybe, I might be able to say, that this is the first time in my life, that I search for longterm stability. I want to be stable, to stand up tall, sharp, certain, I want to be forever smiling, to feel advanced, satisfied, in the sense of acceptance, I want to dig down and not up, I want to feel rooted, building layers of wonders within the same wonder. An approach to internal being, like the rhizomatic roots of the grandest tree, so huge in its shape, in its weight, but actually I don’t want to care how it looks over the ground, I want with what it looks under the ground, it is so rooted, inside, so deep, in different shapes, in multiple ways, it is all so connected to the soil, to many soil, it looks like a Godfather, it is protection, knowledge, it is security, it is warmth, approval, it is infinite presence. Yes, I want to work my way down, not up, and I do not mean by down, down under, but down, down genuine, down real, down worthy. I do not care who sees it or who understands it, what I care about is the core of it, the truth of it, the clarity of it, the base of it, the light on it, it is the root self, the true self, the one self, the only self. This is where I am today in my life, where are you?

Enroll budged me into this piece.

Tree, spiritual, strength, creative


Stumbled upon this on instagram @damascus_son and it happened to be stumbled upon at the perfect timing for me.

I liked it for one reason: that I related to both feelings at the very same alone time. And I know for a fact that it is us who decide. Of course circumstances do play a part in us deciding, but if we do feel lonely, then there is at least one thing that can be changed for us to feel freedom. Mostly, it is 1- our mind set, 2- a situation we are in that we don’t agree to and are procrastinating about dealing with, 3- or we have limited comfort zone. To feel lonely is also to lack self love, motivation, goals. When we are alone, the world is under our feet. We have the quality of time to think, to meditate, to read, to relax, to work on personal growth, to write. When am alone; I personally don’t know where to start from, I always have a list of things to do. And when we are alone, that is the perfect thing to do. Get that dreams list done.

Don’t forget that when you give up something for something better & it comes around again, don’t forget why you left it in the first place. 

Yesterday i was very lucky to stumble upon a beautiful life lesson. I was reminded and i was faith strengthened.

When we give up things in our lives, we give them up for reasons. Sometimes they come around again, but when they do, you must remember very well that you once gave them up, and you must remember the reason that made you give them up. And when they are around, welcome them, but don’t be greedy, don’t misjudge, don’t come up with conclusions, don’t take it for granted once again…

Keep reminding yourself that you once gave it up. But if it is bound to be there, it will and let it be if it comes with peace. And if it doesn’t come with peace, it might be only a reassuring test for you, so resist, don’t fight it, don’t fight it to enter or leave, don’t let your self-interest rise above yourself again, when your self-interest was once the reason to let it go.

It makes a big difference when things are granted with no self-interest, but a pure interest, a collective interest, a true interest. Good intentions. We sometimes loose it. But life always manages to remind us of good intentions. You decide to be a better person & so you let go of what is no longer serving you. But once it is around again, do not forget that self-interest that will shadow over your eyes. Keep your self-interest under control.

Remind yourself to be in complete harmony with yourself, with your spirituality, with your connection to earth.

Letting go of perfection & joining the most imperfect life. 

Today i want to let go of my love for perfection 

For what is perfection without imperfection? 
Imperfection is what completes perfection. It is the natural cherry on top of everything made to perfection. 
It is the signature, the uniqueness, the spontaneous & the unexpected. 
I invite you to join me into letting go of trying too hard to make things look perfect, be perfect or even close to perfection. 
I used to say am a perfectionist, today I choose to let go of this saying and instead, I want to say am natural. 
I want to dance through life not worrying about tripping because when I trip, I want to see it as only part of my life’s unique choreography. 
I want to stop trying & instead start doing without having to worry about the steps I take or the outcome of things. 
I want to be certain that whatever step I take is the most natural and therefore resulting in the way it naturally will come out to be. 
I want to quit thinking of the best way to do things and the best way to create things for no matter how much I try, I will always remain to be an instrument to a higher power that is the real creator to things. 
I want to enjoy my freedom of thoughts & instincts and trust that what I was given of thoughts & feelings are the best instruments given to me for me to use to create my piece. 
And I want my piece to be imperfect. Natural and unique. I want it to be called my piece of Art. And what is art, if there is nothing so imperfect to look in to? What we see as beautiful is always done so imperfectly that we end up falling in love with. For when we look at an art piece that is perfect it is the most boring and repetitive piece we see. 
I no longer want a perfect mate, i want an imperfect mate to be imperfect with. I want to be natural. I want to be as humble and as blessed as I can be. I want to be so busy living my every move instead of being busy trying to make the right move to reach my perfect looking future. 
I do not want a perfect future. It is too tiering and too much of a waste of life. I want an imperfect future. I want a natural future. The future I am going to get at anyway, no difference can be made to the approach I take to reach it except my mind. 
I either worry the hell out of my way to get there or I simply dance which ever way my body sways and I will always arrive to the very same place. 
The only difference is my journey. I will either have a rough journey trying to be perfect or I will love the moments I trip and fall for they are the most unique beat to my song. 
So let us be natural. However imperfect that is, let us enjoy that very cherry on top. Let us laugh out and feel so lucky when we notice how imperfect we have done things. Let us be appreciative, for we were given is this imperfect life.  



If I want to get an image of a tattoo engraved into my body…

If I want to get an image of a tattoo engraved into my body, I will choose the image of water. That is an image of nothing but movement with a peaceful sound. I choose water to remind me of purity, my real reflection before mixing it with anything else, because water never stops moving until it is mixed with solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of clarity and transparency, because water is always crystal clear and transparent until it is mixed with solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of freshness, my peace of mind before allowing all thoughts to enter like solid and dirt. I choose water to remind me of satisfaction, my real self before allowing thirst and desire to enter like solid and dirt. I choose water because it reminds me that I was once born just like water, and I can always be reminded by my pure existence, I choose water to remember how to deal with others around me, to be just like water, a pure reflection with soft movement and a peaceful sound. I choose water because it is what I like to remind myself with every minute of my being, to remember to be like water; before I think, I speak or I act, and this is the tattoo I would like to engrave into my body only it has no image and it never stops moving and will always have a graceful sound.

مدينة حيفا فلسطين، overlooking the streets and sea of Haifa Palestine Israel

Tell your story, and I’ll tell mine. 

We create the stories we want to tell about our own lives. Who we loved, who we lived with, what we failed to achieve, our success stories, our friends, people who left foot prints, people who we choose to cut loose from our lives, people who we inspired, people who inspired us… We choose pieces from our lives to stick up upon the wall or just over the ground or maybe in our backyard or in the trash… We choose what to remember, what to be affected by, what to speak of and share and what to completely disregard as it ever happening. But what ever happened in our past is what made us who we are today… So step up & be proud. Learn that without those pieces in your life you would not be where you are today, learn that better things are coming your way, learn that those around can benefit from your experience, learn that by giving you will only be rewarded. So live life with true honest and love. Cherish the good moments & the hard. Let this world come into you like a little baby entering the arms of a loving mother. Not knowing what to expect but certain to be protected & given the best there is that she can offer to give.