What Drives You?

So what is it that drives us? Where do we want to go anyway? We move and sometimes things move us, but how do we know what drives us? How do we know where do we want to go? We learn by example, or we learn by experience, we don’t always need to know what “exactly” it is that we want or that moves us, if we have that desire to want to know then we are already half way there, that desire is a movement, just go with it, let it lead you don’t try to lead it, let it take you, try, fail, it is okay, but try, try as hard as you can, and don’t stop. You will come upon a scene, or something that will scream at your face and tell you “here I am, I am your drive, I am your movement” and you will know where you want to go, without your drive, you will never know where you want to go, so listen, listen to that inner thing moving that takes place when you are quiet, or loud, when you are in the center or on the side, listen… let your ears lead you to your drive, and let your drive take you to your destination.

Daily Prompt: Drive

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Campo De’Fiori

Campo De’Fiori.

Have you been to the “Field of Flowers” ? Campo De’Fiori is an area located in the heart of Rome and it is not to be missed. If you haven’t been and wish to browse, then check out my page where ever you are around the world and have a taste of this incredibly urban area.

a very urban entrance to a furniture boutique

I have enjoyed walking around with my comfortable shoes, camera, and a small notebook, looking at the architecture, finding exquisite shops with colored bicycles around corners and little flower pots next to doors, the sound of different music coming out of each shop, listening to the people and their beautiful Italian language engage in laughter and discussions, reading and writing my favorite street finds, and looking into local designer boutique shops that consist of different character and unique furnishing. Camp De’Fiori makes you feel at home, it makes you feel like you belong, every inch of every street is taken care of with visible love, from colored chairs, to plants on its windows, colored walls, clean streets, the vintage doors and frames that speak history, different street tiling and wall stones. There is a feeling of genuine peace in Campo De’Fiori… take a look 🙂

Campo De'Fiori

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To those of you, who like to spend their nights out, eat great food, and meet beautiful locals.

Visit Testaccio while in Rome, and check out my recommended restaurants by pressing the below photo.

This is amazing pasta at Felice Rome Italian Food

Click her to be redirected to my photo diary.

via Testaccio.

Cooking Class

Cooking Class.

If you are going to Italy, then its is worth to stop by a cooking class for one day.

In Rome, I chose to go with Chef Andrea http://www.cookingclassesinrome.com and I learned to make Pasta from scratch and the very delicious strawberry tiramisu.

Click on the picture below for a photo diary of my experience and do not hesitate to book your class with Chef Andrea, It is a 100% worth it.

Kitchen mess with food cooking with chef andrea Rome

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Leave me your comments 🙂

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This is the area that never sleeps in Rome.

For a great night scene, very relaxed and chilled atmosphere with lots of great places to see visit and eat at, check out my photo diary of Trastevere and leave your most recommended restaurant in the comment box :).

Grazia and Graziella great cute hip urban restaurant in Rome

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Cavour – Madonna dei Monti

Cavour – Madonna dei Monti.

Art is what I call the streets of Cavour or to some people Madonna dei Monti. In my photo diary you will notice the photos of windows, to be displayed as a framed painting, the Doors look like sculpture art, the shops look like a scene set, and the streets with all the details combined look like a play.

Photographs are the best piece of memory one can have, and it is one of the best way to communicate in a common language.

Check out my photo diary and find out where to eat, shop and go.

A beautiful yellow mustard wall with a bicycle leaning on it in rome

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I look forward to read your comments. 🙂

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Cavour – Madonna dei Monti

Cavour – Madonna dei Monti.

As much as I write about the Madonna dei Monti it will not be enough to describe the beauty of every little corner, wall, door-frame and shops.

Clicking on the below photo, you will be redirected to my photo diary of Cavour and each picture will truly tell you the story of every corner. This area is a beautiful place to hang out, shop, chill, meet beautiful Roman people, and have great food.

A very old beautiful round window from the ancient roman I couldn’t get enough of it. Love Madonna dei Monti.

via Cavour – Madonna dei Monti.

Piazza del Colosseo

Piazza del Colosseo.

Without the Colosseum, Rome would not be Rome.

Thanks to the Ancient Romans, and thanks to the Italians for making it accessible world-wide. Check my admiration photo diary of the Colosseum and the Ancient Rome: the city under Rome.

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Your comments are what I always await for. Love Rome.

Black and white old film look alike photograph to Colosseum

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Piazza Venezia | Circo Massimo

Piazza Venezia | Circo Massimo.

What about Piazza Venezia ? Did anyone feel the powerful energy surrounding it ? And the architecture? Isn’t it just magnificent.

Click on the below photo for the diary of Piazza Venezia & Circo Massimo.

people and tourists climbing the Capitoline Hill in rome italy

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Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi.

Always wondered why this Trevi Fountain collects about 3000 euros a day ???

Check out my blog post for a photo diary of the magical fountain, and where to find the best black truffle Pasta in Rome Italy.

cafe latte and the best tiramisu in a jar

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