A day on the road… in Lebanon | بين شوارع لبنان

There is nothing more beautiful than exploring, traveling and road tripping.

So here I am in the lands of Lebanon, we first arrived to Beirut airport and from there, we started driving up towards Tripoli. Between the old architecture, blue sea and skies, we drove. We entered Tripoli that smelled like authenticity, old tall buildings scattered one next to the other, it looks very much like Barcelona. What is so beautiful about the Middle-eastern old architecture is the art that is incorporated with it.

The heat in Tripoli was incredible, it was too humid and too hot, we had home-made Lahmeh Bajeen and Cordon bleu for lunch, and continued our road trip more to the north towards a mountain village called Ehden. Breezy and cool, the weather transformation is magical, an hour drive away and the weather is the complete opposite. Luckily, we arrived at sunset, got mesmerized by the view, had halloumi cheese for dinner, and started the walk around the tiny little town that never sleeps during the summer.