Do not let people shatter your true voice

When you know people are only noise… And you find a way to separate yourself from noise… Then be very careful when listening to your instincts & trust in them. Noise will only distract you unless you have certainty & clarity within you. So start within always, figure out what you feel, how you see things & then once very still & stable open the doors for the noise to interfere.

“Start a huge, foolish project, like Noah…it makes absolutely no difference what people think of you.” #Rumi.  



Walking downtown Beirut on a protest day is like walking a ghosttown … When do we know the difference between obeying what the media shapes for us from believes to follow & when should we look at our own way out and walk towards it? It is so hard now a days to tell what is really going on!! But it is obvious to see that the Middle East needs love & pure attention. 

“Why should I stay at the bottom of a well when a strong rope is in my hand?” Rumi 

Stay where you are and move like a sheep or a robot or do something different… One thing different can change a fraction & too many fractions can change this world to a better place.  


Do not just do nothing & complain at the very same time. 

What happens when you save the earth make memory of the past & work your way for your future? 

“You sit here for days saying, This is strange business. You’re the strange business. You have the energy of the sun in you, but you keep knotting it up at the base of your spine. You’re some weird kind of gold that wants to stay melted in the furnace, so you won’t have to become coins.” Rumi 


Free yourself & start flying

“You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don’t. You have wings. Learn to use them and fly.” Rumi – 

I agree… What do you think? 

Visit the mountains from time to time… Let your soul vanish and fly in between what the eyes alone can not see… Be you within yourself let go of all fear and burdens, let go of whatever is holding you back from flying… Free yourself let yourself be as free as it was born & created let it all be within the Divine trust in the higher power let go of your tiny possessions…  


Motive of the day: In this life, stay away from all kind of extremists, and always remember a thing called love.

Life is a temporary loan, and this life is nothing but a sketchy imitation of reality. Only children would mistake a toy for the real thing. And yet, human beings either become infatuated with the toy or respectfully break it and throw it aside. In this life, stay away from all kinds of extremists, for they will destroy your inner balance.

The Sufi mystic & Islamic scholar Jalal ad-Din Rumi – Rule#22 from the book 40 Rules of love by Elif Shafak –

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22 Street-Fun-Cars-Zurich2


So why bother? Get too involved or over think? Why bother even bother? Just let things be as good and as bad as they are. Live each day as if it is your very first day and your very last day. Be there for those who ask for you to be there, and don’t be there for those who wish not to have you around. Don’t try too hard, and don’t over exaggerate. Don’t try to understand every little thing, or even find reasons for things, don’t try to assume, or conclude, don’t try to please, or displease, don’t even try to try. Just live. Take the good into your arms, and watch the things you don’t wish to go through as they just come by you. Don’t get stuck, in between your thoughts of the future or the past, don’t over think that the past will hunt you back, or the future might be like anything from your past, just don’t plan what is unplanned, and what is undetermined. Plan what you need to plan without restrictions, without holding so tight, without taking it for granted. Always choose to give love no matter what the situation is, give love when you can, give love when it is hard, give love at every minute of every hour. Always remember that the answer to anything is to remember a thing called love.




If you want to experience eternal illumination, put the past and the future out of your mind and remain within the present moment..

The past is an interpretation. The future is an illusion. The world does not move through time as if it were a straight line, proceeding from the past to the future. Instead time moves through and within us, in endless spirals. Eternity does not mean infinite time, but simply timelessness. If you want to experience eternal illumination, put the past and the future out of your mind and remain within the present moment. The Sufi mystic & Islamic scholar Jalal ad-Din Rumi – Rule#28 from the book 40 Rules of love by Elif Shafak –

Celebrate everyday because it is worthy to celebrate. Celebrate occasions that put a smile on your face and the faces of your loved ones. Celebrate today because you are living, breathing & learning. Live your moment with deep awareness to your existence and capabilities. Celebrate today without thoughts of tomorrow or thoughts of yesterday. Enjoy the beauty of life as it is given to you.

1467 and installation of the astronomic clockworks with the famous astronomy clock dial in 1545

When trying over and over again and failing, when feeling down and unfit in this world. Remember it is time to read this Blog Post.

Early this morning, I woke up to one great read on the Wake Up World online community. The article speaks about creativity and I felt it is an article both worth sharing and remembering for I agree with it and find it very motivational.

Here are my footnotes and favorite parts that I wish to carry along with me from the full article by Michael Michalko

“You are creative. Every one of us is born a creative, spontaneous thinker. This is why people who believe they are creative become creative. All creative geniuses work passionately hard and produce incredible numbers of ideas, most of which are bad. In fact, more bad poems were written by the major poets than by minor poets. Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. Some were masterpieces, while others were no better than his contemporaries could have written, and some were simply bad. When you go through the motions of trying to come up with new ideas, you are energizing your brain by increasing the number of contacts between neurons. The more times you try to get ideas, the more active your brain becomes and the more creative you become. You can synthesize experience; literally create it in your own imagination. The human brain cannot tell the difference between an “actual” experience and an experience imagined vividly and in detail. This discovery is what enabled Albert Einstein to create his thought experiments with imaginary scenarios that led to his revolutionary ideas about space and time. One day, for example, he imagined falling in love. Then he imagined meeting the woman he fell in love with two weeks after he fell in love. This led to his theory of acausality. The only certainty in life is uncertainty. When trying to get ideas,  do not censor or evaluate them as they occur. Nothing kills creativity faster than self-censorship of ideas while generating them. Think of all your ideas as possibilities and generate as many as you can before you decide which ones to select. The world is not black or white. It is grey. Never stop with your first good idea. Always strive to find a better one and continue until you have one that is still better. Trust your instincts. One professor said Einstein was “the laziest dog” the university ever had. Beethoven’s parents were told he was too stupid to be a music composer. Walt Disney was fired from his first job on a newspaper because “he lacked imagination.” Whenever you try to do something and do not succeed, you do not fail. You have learned something that does not work. Interpret your own experiences. All experiences are neutral. They have no meaning. You give them meaning by the way you choose to interpret them. If you are a priest, you see evidence of God everywhere. If you are an atheist, you see the absence of God everywhere. Always approach a problem on its own terms. Do not trust your first perspective of a problem as it will be too biased toward your usual way of thinking. Always look at your problem from multiple perspectives. Always remember that genius is finding a perspective no one else has taken. Look for different ways to look at the problem. Take another role, for example, how would someone else see it, how would Jay Leno, Pablo Picasso, George Patton see it? Take a walk and look for things that metaphorically represent the problem and force connections between those things and the problem. Ask your friends and strangers how they see the problem. Ask a child. How would a ten year old solve it? Ask a grandparent. Imagine you are the problem. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Creative geniuses are inclusive thinkers which mean they look for ways to include everything, including things that are dissimilar and totally unrelated. Albert Einstein once famously remarked “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” To create, a person must have knowledge but forget the knowledge, must see unexpected connections in things but not have a mental disorder, must work hard but spend time doing nothing as information incubates, must create many ideas yet most of them are useless, must look at the same thing as everyone else, yet see something different, must desire success but embrace failure, must be persistent but not stubborn, and must listen to experts but know how to disregard them.” Full article here by Michael Michalko on Wake Up World.

Magic world

It also is very interesting how it explains that if you go to experts for advice they most probably will be negative. Why? because they think they are the best at things, and they believe that the best is already out there. New ideas, are very new, to experts and to non experts, and it is very hard for anyone to visualize something that is completely new on earth as much as you; “the creative behind it can visualize it”. Therefore, always keep in mind that taking advice from experts is always a good thing, but trusting their inputs, no matter what, should not be stronger or more powerful than your instincts.

When you do fail, or when a mistake occurs, giving up is a choice, but wanting to find a solution is persistence to go over the mistake looking for a solution. Finding the solutions is your first step to a complete success. Michael Michalko sets a beautiful example in his article: “Once Thomas Edison was approached by an assistant while working on the filament for the light bulb. The assistant asked Edison why he didn’t give up. “After all,” he said, “you have failed 5000 times.” Edison looked at him and told him that he didn’t understand what the assistant meant by failure, because, Edison said, “I have discovered 5000 things that don’t work.” You construct your own reality by how you choose to interpret your experiences.”

So don’t give up, failing is only the beginning, it truly is. You have to measure what you believe in and how much you believe in it. There is a difference between trying to prove something and trying to create something. Trying to prove something is shallow and uncreative, trying to create something, stems from your inner creator. Trust your inner creator, trust that we are all connected to the Divine creator. Trust that through our believe we will be able to flourish our goals, but don’t expect to get there the first, the second or the third time, and if you did, don’t just think there is nothing better coming after or only better should come after. We create 100 things and between the 100 only 1 might be the one right thing.

10 beautiful quotes to live by a great Man… Read to learn more on Love and Kindness.


  1. There is no beauty better than the intellect.
  2. The best richness is the richness of the soul.
  3. The seeking of knowledge is obligatory.
  4. From the best virtues is to reconnect with the people who disconnected you, and give those who deprived you, and to forgive those who were unjust to you.
  5. The best charity is to learn the good and then to pass it on by teaching the good that was learnt to others.
  6. Be kind, for whenever kindness becomes part of something, it beautifies it. Whenever it is taken from something, it leaves it tarnished.
  7. Each faith has a distinct characteristic, and the distinct characteristic of Islam is modesty.
  8. The best among you is the one who doesn’t harm others with his words and hands.
  9. Give to the one whose door is nearer to you.
  10. Help those with sorrow, and guide those who have lost their way.

Quoted by the Prophet Mohammad PBUH

In a day like today, we need to remind the world, that the discrimination and racism against Islam is only a propaganda like all the past propaganda’s the world have witnessed in history that created discrimination, hate, racism, and broken homes.

Today is the Birth Date of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH in the Hijri year of 12 Rabi’ul Awwal 1436 AH and I believe this day must be celebrated in the simplest ways by sharing love and kindness like the Prophet once shared with the world. Most his quotes are associated to being kind, giving, forgiving, and treating people with love and respect. The stereotype of Islam today is false; for violence, terror, and savages are 3 things that are not welcomed by the Prophet Mohammad PBUH or by Islam as a religion. Islam stands for peace, and peace is what all religions and faiths preach for.

Therefore, today I wish to celebrate with you Love and Kindness in the name of our beloved Prophet.

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Open the eye of your heart… And let the way that you walk be slow

Last night before going to bed, i stumbled upon a great writing that all i wanted to do is read it again and remember this morning. I also wanted to share it with everyone that cross my path because a lot of us have terribly become knotted in our own thoughts. Our feelings are distracted and divided into what have happened in our past and what we think will happen in the future… That we have become so drifted from our own being and our present moment:

“In these times of devastating ecological and social collapse, there are those of us who feel an urgency to attend to the world ‘before it’s too late.’ But the great paradox is that this very tendency to rush anxiously ahead is what got us into trouble in the first place.

In the Aboriginal way of dreaming, the past and future are embedded in the present. One’s embodiment is the ground into which all continuity flows, so the past can be just as influenced as the future by one’s way of going in the here and now.

Let the way that you walk be slow. Let us listen to the pleas of our surrounding thirsts. Let us acknowledge the forgetting which drifted us onto this terrifying precipice. Let the grief of it all make its encounter through your remembering. And may beauty come alive then, under our feet.”

I got this from the Facebook page Spiritual Ecology and their source is Toko-pa

It also reminded me of the saying by Rumi that goes: “if you feel distress within yourself while your eyes are unclosed, know that you have shut the eye of your heart. So open it. Recognize the craving of your heart, seeking the immeasurable light.”

So today, I will slow down, I will believe that in my heart there is a clear vision, I will believe that with the right amount of time, my life will take me to where I am meant to go to and what I mean to be doing. Meanwhile I will focus on today, I will cherish the gift of today with those who surround me. I will appreciate everything and count my blessings, I will listen to my callings as they come to me and I will walk closer everyday to what my heart longs for.


Learn, Imagine, be open, believe and let go…

The Prophet Mohammad PBUH said, “God inspires wisdom in the tongue of the teacher according to the aspirations of the student.” Very similar to
“When the student is ready, the master appears.” #BuddhistProverb I find myself in those quotes, for things really show up only when I am ready for them. Maybe if they have showed up before I completely disregarded, or completely ignored for I was not aware of them, it’s amazing how things work and become clear only when your inner self is ready for it. Knowledge is what inspires us to where we really want to go for how else would we know? Being positive leads us to positivity & happy choices. Curiosity is a given gift to question and seek the answers to our passion or interests. But there is so much in this world to learn about, how is one just resting waiting for the nothing to happen? Another beautiful quote I stumbled upon earlier this morning : “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert #Einstein So after learning or observing; dream, imagine, sit with yourself; pray, meditate and travel within. Listen to your inner callings your within desires hopes dreams. Your clarity to where you wish to take your soul, your destination that could be your destiny. It’s not new, it’s been said over and over again thousands of years ago, why isn’t all this part of our primary education? Learn, imagine, be open, believe and let go… Eventually with your will and your faith things will work out better than you have even imagined. Keep it peaceful and be grateful. Have a wonderful Wednesday.