What Prayers Look Like During Ramadan

I found this beautiful photograph on Instagram yesterday that I could not take my eyes off. Beautiful. It sure is, as much as prayers in Ramadan is. Serene. Full of color. From the prayer mat to what people are covered up with; to perform their prayers. Their spirits rise above to meet in unity, diverting their hearts and thoughts towards a meditative state of mutual connection towards the Divine. A prayer performed to remember what we are grateful for, to remember there is something much bigger than all of us, all of this and all of that, to remember that we are not alone but gifted, given, surrounded by miracles. Prayers; no matter how they are performed, no matter by whom they are performed, where or when, resemble the same beautiful purpose to express ones presence, gratitude, a beautiful way to express mutual humility and to remember always to take part in the unity of humanity.

Ramadan is a holly month that unites Muslims all around the world to submit their souls in the name of spirituality. They fast, practice their prayers, contribute as much as they can to charity and to their communities, it is a month to unite the people together to remember that we are all here, alive, today, through a common source. To practice not only what is good, but what can be better, to spread love, and peace, to ask for forgiveness and new chances, to start over again, to help people start over again. It is a month of unity, and it is a month of remembrance, a month for-giving.

To a world of today that is thirsty for our unity and love.

Photograph by Yassine Ismail, Morroco, found on EmergEast Instagram account.

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Learn, Imagine, be open, believe and let go…

The Prophet Mohammad PBUH said, “God inspires wisdom in the tongue of the teacher according to the aspirations of the student.” Very similar to
“When the student is ready, the master appears.” #BuddhistProverb I find myself in those quotes, for things really show up only when I am ready for them. Maybe if they have showed up before I completely disregarded, or completely ignored for I was not aware of them, it’s amazing how things work and become clear only when your inner self is ready for it. Knowledge is what inspires us to where we really want to go for how else would we know? Being positive leads us to positivity & happy choices. Curiosity is a given gift to question and seek the answers to our passion or interests. But there is so much in this world to learn about, how is one just resting waiting for the nothing to happen? Another beautiful quote I stumbled upon earlier this morning : “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” -Albert #Einstein So after learning or observing; dream, imagine, sit with yourself; pray, meditate and travel within. Listen to your inner callings your within desires hopes dreams. Your clarity to where you wish to take your soul, your destination that could be your destiny. It’s not new, it’s been said over and over again thousands of years ago, why isn’t all this part of our primary education? Learn, imagine, be open, believe and let go… Eventually with your will and your faith things will work out better than you have even imagined. Keep it peaceful and be grateful. Have a wonderful Wednesday.