Live your life in happiness in love and in wisdom

Life is too short to keep hiding in a box, get out there, be out there, share your wisdom your happiness your positive thoughts and feelings. Where will you go if you stay inside your box? Afraid of consequences and rejection? What is life without them ? So what if things didn’t work out a zillion times? but you have gained trying, experiencing, living. Live, love, laugh, enjoy, breath, play and share. Get out there, get out from your box. The only rules there, are those you have set for yourself, the only limits are, this you have drawn for yourself. Life was made for you to sculpt with. If you choose what you think is right verses what you feel is right then it is your choice. Sculpt life the way you feel it is right, sculpt because you can make a difference, because it is made for sculpture, because you feel for a reason. Have a wonderful day, starting with positive thoughts, feelings and wishful thinking. ❤️🙏