Keep Going…

There is enough in this world for everyone. Just don’t give up, don’t waste your time on dwelling, don’t be afraid to have missed something, don’t be envious or jealous, those are all moments of time being wasted, and more negatives will be drawn upon you. Just keep going, keep aiming, don’t let fear drag you down, choose to be joyful, and keep the faith in what is out there, that belongs to you. And even then, remember, we are not here to stay. Nothing at the end really belongs to anyone. 


On Meditation 

To the perfect place to meditate, a minute to look into your heart, a minute to breath and fill in your body with the right type of oxygen, a minute to let go of your stressful thoughts; to loosen up your tight muscles, a minute to withdraw from everything holding onto you and pulling you elsewhere, a minute to cherish heaven that lies here within us and between us, a minute to feel silence & appreciate the serenity that exists amongst all chaos, a minute to hear the sounds of life’s music; the wind blowing to the right side, and the birds that sing right above you, the sound of leaves moving, and the sound of echo’s from faraway. A minute to sit back & be grateful; from every hour that passes, can be a transformation method to take you from wherever you are to your very current present. 

Be present today, be open to changes, be open to hear the sound shift, be open to walk it without having to be pushed into it, be open to trust the choices of life to you and not struggle with wanting to control your choices upon life. 

To a wonderful day, the first Monday of may, to choosing the present. 

From the miraculous view of Marriott Hotel, Petra. Thanks to Saif Khlaifat Photography for the beautiful photograph 


Relaxing into my Center

There’s a way to relaxing into our center, letting other people have their say, knowing our being is even more reliant at times when we’re in a space of not-doing. When the ego steps back, the power of God steps forward. To often we feel we’re invisible unless we’re making the cool comment, doing this or doing that. But we’re so much more powerful when grounded with silence. Taking a deep breath, knowing that what you don’t say can be as powerful as what you do say, thinking deeply about something before making a response-such actions leave room for a spirit to flow, to harmonize your circumstances and move them in a more positive direction. How many times have we felt we’ve blown it simply by talking when we later wish we hadn’t or by showing off when we could have just sat there and seemed intriguing? 

God’s spirit will always reveal the truth to us if we simply don’t block His guidance. And we block it by talking fitst, attitudinally walking ahead of truth. This happens when we push too hard, trying frantically to make things happen, or keep things from happening, because we lack faith in an invisible order of things. That is why a holy instant matters: it uis a moment of quiet when the spirit enters and nakes right all thins. 

From my readings, A Year of Miracles 


From my Readings – On Embracing What’s Important, the Real Joy of Living

We spend so much time on unimportant things – things with no ultimate meaning – yet for reasons no one seems to fully understand, such nonessential stand at the center of our worldly existence. They have no connection to our souls whatsoever, yet they have attached themselves to our material functioning. Like spiritual parasites, these things eat away our life force and deny us our joy. The only way to rid ourselves of their pernicious effects is to walk away… not from things that need to get done, but from thoughts that need to die.

Crossing the bridge to a better world begins with crossing a bridge inside our minds, from the addictive mental patterns of fear and separation, to enlightened perceptions of unity and love. We’re in the habit of thinking fearfully, and it takes spiritual discipline to turn that around in a world where love is more suspect than fear. To achieve a miraculous experience of life, we must embrace a more spiritual perspective. Otherwise, we will leave this earth one day without ever having known the real joy of living.

From the book a Year of Miracles – Marianne Williamson

24 hours in Zurich Switzerland


Don’t forget that when you give up something for something better & it comes around again, don’t forget why you left it in the first place. 

Yesterday i was very lucky to stumble upon a beautiful life lesson. I was reminded and i was faith strengthened.

When we give up things in our lives, we give them up for reasons. Sometimes they come around again, but when they do, you must remember very well that you once gave them up, and you must remember the reason that made you give them up. And when they are around, welcome them, but don’t be greedy, don’t misjudge, don’t come up with conclusions, don’t take it for granted once again…

Keep reminding yourself that you once gave it up. But if it is bound to be there, it will and let it be if it comes with peace. And if it doesn’t come with peace, it might be only a reassuring test for you, so resist, don’t fight it, don’t fight it to enter or leave, don’t let your self-interest rise above yourself again, when your self-interest was once the reason to let it go.

It makes a big difference when things are granted with no self-interest, but a pure interest, a collective interest, a true interest. Good intentions. We sometimes loose it. But life always manages to remind us of good intentions. You decide to be a better person & so you let go of what is no longer serving you. But once it is around again, do not forget that self-interest that will shadow over your eyes. Keep your self-interest under control.

Remind yourself to be in complete harmony with yourself, with your spirituality, with your connection to earth.

Never give up on yourself. 

“Never give up on yourself.” #Rumi – even if you had to take the longest road, even if you had to take the steepest valley, even if the pain is unbearable, even if life becomes suffocating, even if the way is blocked… Do not give up on yourself but instead… Ask for expansion, ask for breaking your own self barriers, ask for graceful love, ask for patience, ask for strength, ask for the angels to surround you, ask for God to protect you & ask yourself to set your soul free. Close your eyes if you have to, try to keep your wisdom third eye open, close your ears if you have to, but try to keep listening internally… Try and try again and try again but never ever give up on the most beautiful & solid thing you have got… Yourself.

Letting go of perfection & joining the most imperfect life. 

Today i want to let go of my love for perfection 

For what is perfection without imperfection? 
Imperfection is what completes perfection. It is the natural cherry on top of everything made to perfection. 
It is the signature, the uniqueness, the spontaneous & the unexpected. 
I invite you to join me into letting go of trying too hard to make things look perfect, be perfect or even close to perfection. 
I used to say am a perfectionist, today I choose to let go of this saying and instead, I want to say am natural. 
I want to dance through life not worrying about tripping because when I trip, I want to see it as only part of my life’s unique choreography. 
I want to stop trying & instead start doing without having to worry about the steps I take or the outcome of things. 
I want to be certain that whatever step I take is the most natural and therefore resulting in the way it naturally will come out to be. 
I want to quit thinking of the best way to do things and the best way to create things for no matter how much I try, I will always remain to be an instrument to a higher power that is the real creator to things. 
I want to enjoy my freedom of thoughts & instincts and trust that what I was given of thoughts & feelings are the best instruments given to me for me to use to create my piece. 
And I want my piece to be imperfect. Natural and unique. I want it to be called my piece of Art. And what is art, if there is nothing so imperfect to look in to? What we see as beautiful is always done so imperfectly that we end up falling in love with. For when we look at an art piece that is perfect it is the most boring and repetitive piece we see. 
I no longer want a perfect mate, i want an imperfect mate to be imperfect with. I want to be natural. I want to be as humble and as blessed as I can be. I want to be so busy living my every move instead of being busy trying to make the right move to reach my perfect looking future. 
I do not want a perfect future. It is too tiering and too much of a waste of life. I want an imperfect future. I want a natural future. The future I am going to get at anyway, no difference can be made to the approach I take to reach it except my mind. 
I either worry the hell out of my way to get there or I simply dance which ever way my body sways and I will always arrive to the very same place. 
The only difference is my journey. I will either have a rough journey trying to be perfect or I will love the moments I trip and fall for they are the most unique beat to my song. 
So let us be natural. However imperfect that is, let us enjoy that very cherry on top. Let us laugh out and feel so lucky when we notice how imperfect we have done things. Let us be appreciative, for we were given is this imperfect life.