An Imprortant Day

So what is it that you enjoy? What is it that you connect well with? Waking up to a small good read, maybe something that will give you energy, maybe a little chat with someone dear to your heart? Maybe few photographers reminding you of the highs of life? Maybe your tiny prayer book, few candles with your perfect scent? Maybe some native music, local music or symphony? What is it the makes your light shine? What is it the makes your cheek rise? Closing your eyes to a song that will only take you deep within your heart, connect, stay, sit, there inside your own self, sit, legs crossed, hands open, eyes closed, a smile, a soft cotton smile, let it soften every cell in your body, feel blissful, aroused to the idea of being elevated, now what is it that you want about today that you want to make happen? How can you imagine the process of what you are about to do, will go well, imagine it all from the very smallest, tiniest details, just go through it using your imagination, a magical option we all have within us, make your process the perfect way, feel the feeling you anticipate to feel, feel them deeply, hold into them, feel them and repeat them and say them, and attach yourself to them, watch your body vibrate light all around you, see them as sun rays going to all angles, see them spread and connect with other human beings who also need them, see your pink potion surround you with love, see that pink potion is only filing your ground, feel the amount of love one may have inside of each of us, feel it spread all around you like a hot steam that looks more like smoke, like cloud, pink, safe, loving, warm, and homogeneous.

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Quote of the Day – On Motivation

voltaire, impossible, motivation, lifeImpossible is a word to be found in the dictionary of fools. Napoleon

Quote of the day – Be You

quote, africa, unique, different, daring“Stand upright, speak thy thoughts, declare the truth thou hast, that all may share; Be bold and proclaim it everywhere; They only live who dare.” – Voltaire

Photographed in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Free yourself 

“Ignorance is God’s prison. Knowing is God’s palace.” Rumi – it is always right to unlock the prison within ourself & start by asking life for help. Ask life to help you clear out the way for you, to show you what is good for you & what is confusing you, ask life to show you the way out of closed doors & into open doors, ask God to help you find your answers & not stay stuck around question marks, ask God to help you learn, acknowledge, free yourself, free your mind, free your soul. True love is free, so be free. Look for the palace within you, look for knowledge, look for comfort, look for ease, look for imagination, exploration, space, look for joy, for contribution, for unity, look for resemblance, for alike spirits, for positivity. Believe in the spirit within you, it all takes.   

Motive of the day: In this life, stay away from all kind of extremists, and always remember a thing called love.

Life is a temporary loan, and this life is nothing but a sketchy imitation of reality. Only children would mistake a toy for the real thing. And yet, human beings either become infatuated with the toy or respectfully break it and throw it aside. In this life, stay away from all kinds of extremists, for they will destroy your inner balance.

The Sufi mystic & Islamic scholar Jalal ad-Din Rumi – Rule#22 from the book 40 Rules of love by Elif Shafak –

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So why bother? Get too involved or over think? Why bother even bother? Just let things be as good and as bad as they are. Live each day as if it is your very first day and your very last day. Be there for those who ask for you to be there, and don’t be there for those who wish not to have you around. Don’t try too hard, and don’t over exaggerate. Don’t try to understand every little thing, or even find reasons for things, don’t try to assume, or conclude, don’t try to please, or displease, don’t even try to try. Just live. Take the good into your arms, and watch the things you don’t wish to go through as they just come by you. Don’t get stuck, in between your thoughts of the future or the past, don’t over think that the past will hunt you back, or the future might be like anything from your past, just don’t plan what is unplanned, and what is undetermined. Plan what you need to plan without restrictions, without holding so tight, without taking it for granted. Always choose to give love no matter what the situation is, give love when you can, give love when it is hard, give love at every minute of every hour. Always remember that the answer to anything is to remember a thing called love.




How to evaluate what to hold on to & what is about time to let go of?

In life, we face the days that we can’t remember because they went by so quick, and the days that we will always remember because they truly carved in. Sadness & happiness are feelings that leave marks in us. They make us and create us and change us. We hold on to what carves into us, but some of us hold on too tight for too long that turn it into an attachment. Attachments become painful to let go, and therefore start to harm us.
By learning to accept; things be as they come, time frame is as is, not trying to control or change things but instead change within and be part of any process. Faith is all there is, we have been brought to life to experience, to learn and to grow, to expand and to change, nothing is the result of anything except what we wish to hold on to. Evaluate your life, yourself from time to time, and let go of what you have held on to for too long; that has not been serving you.


As Rumi once said:

“No matter what plans you make, no matter what you acquire, the thief will enter where you least expect. Be occupied, then, with what you really value and let the thief take something less. When a trader’s bales fall into the water, he’ll try to grab the most valuable things. Some things will certainly be lost as the water of life flows away. Let go of the cheap stuff and work to save what’s really important. Mathnawi II 1505-1509”

“I have always believed that when a man gets it in his head to do something and when he exclusively occupies himself in that design, he must succeed”…

“I have always believed that when a man gets it in his head to do something and when he exclusively occupies himself in that design, he must succeed. Whatever the difficulties. That man can become grand vizier or pope or Casanova.” A quote I have picked up few months ago while I was changing paths… And I still feel wowed every time I read it… It’s like magic but it’s not… I mean we really can be the next big thing but it can’t be what we want to be… we can really want to do something for an obvious reason and give it our all till its done and if one thing is a great thing then you will be the next big thing.
When we are cooking, we usually know what we want as a result on our plate, so while we are in the making we know what we are forming and creating… The ingredients are essential here, some can not be altered at the end and some can be somewhat added or replaced… Therefore the ingredients are essential and the person making the meal with passion & love is also another essential… One good meal is not so easy to be done looking, tasting & smelling phenomenal. The cook must be really aware and good at what he is doing to accomplish an unforgettable dish… Therefore how much do you believe in what you are creating, making or forming? How useful will it be? Do you feel the audience before they arrive? If yes then just keep going until you’re the next #Gaudi in your own way…

Coming up on my blog will be lots and lots of beautiful pictures and morning diaries covering the beautiful city of Barcelona.