Levantine Recipe: Yogurt Stew (Shakriyeh)

Shakriyeh, is what we call this dish.

It is truly very easy to make, and very soothing to eat.

All you need is beef cubes, yogurt, labaneh (which you must find available in your Arab supermarket), and some spice.

rice and yogurt, shakrieh, levantine dish, shakriyeh, laban immo

The pine nuts are just optional. I love them, so I add them. But you can have this dish without them. It is a dish served with rice. Many Arabs love to cook their rice with vermicelli, but I like to keep my dishes light during the week so I cook it using long grain rice.

shakiyeh, laban immo, yogurt and rice, cooked yogurt, levantine dish

I took the recipe from my mother, but also have used some additions from other food bloggers so it is a mix, but since the dish is not complex it is not very different from one person to another. Some people prefer to use lamb, but I always go for beef if I can.

shakriyeh, laban immo, yogurt, cooked yogurt

You can find the recipe in this link: Shakriyeh, or browse my instagram stories to find it in video.

Enjoy, and let me know if you do give it a go.

Kofta with Tomatoes and Potatoes

A while back, I shared my mother’s recipe of Kofta soaked in tomatoes. Last week I added a new recipe from a friend of mine that includes potatoes and tomatoes. It is a very easy dish and is usually my go-to when I want a quick dish full of protein.

To make this, you need to go to an Arab butcher (if you are living outside the Middle East) and ask for the kofta ready mix. If you do not have an Arab butcher around you, then you can find the step by step to make a kofta at home from my precious Kofta with tomatoes recipe which you will also find in the same post.

You will need: Kofta, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Spice, Tomato Paste, Lemon, Ketchup, Sugar, and Stock.

You will find the full recipe in the following link Kofta.

I hope you do give it a try and let me know how it turns out.

Bon Appétit!

What is your dish for today? Here is how to make the most delicious Musakhan Rolls | طريقة تحضير رولات المسخن

Musakhan Rolls | مسخن رولات.

اضغط على الصورة للطريقة الكاملة بلعربي و الانخليزي

Today, is the first day of Ramadan 2015. And to a lot of the people who practice Ramadan, the dish of the day is a very important topic to discuss.

Ramadan is considered to be a Holly Month for all Muslims around the world. And we practice Ramadan according to the Islamic calendar that is connected with the moon, and therefore it’s date changes every year. This year it started today, in the middle of the 

beautiful summer. So I am sitting here, outside our balcony, writing my first blog post for the people who have no idea what to prepare for Iftar today, tomorrow or next week. I also am writing this recipe for everyone who wish to try an exquisite delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Msakhan Rolls, is a mini version of the main dish Msakhan. Mskhan is a very well known Middle-Eastern dish, and is known to be originated from Palestine. It is the authentic traditional Palestinian dish. Today you can make a mini version of Mskhan and this is what we call the Mskhan rolls.

My mother has been very known for making the best Mskhan in town. And when she prepares the traditional main dish, our house becomes a festival, with people invited, kids playing around, the smell of Mskhan all day long, and a great reunion of close family or friends over the dinning table. Today I wish to share with you her recipe for the Mskhan rolls, and hopefully I will soon upload the Mskhan dish recipe. Enjoy this wonderful recipe, made easy, and mouth watering by my beautiful mother.

Click on the picture for the full recipe. Leave me your comments, and have a wonderful first day of Ramadan.