Finally, I share with you one of the most delicious Palestinian & Jordanian dish there is… How to make Maqlouba | طريقة طبخ المقلوبه الفلسطينية و الاردنية مع الباذنجان

Maqlouba | مقلوبة.

This is one of the most original dishes. It can be typical and it can be the most exquisite dish on your table.

Maqlouba or Makloubeh in Arabic means literally Upside Down. And this dish is made in steps inside your cooking pan and then it is served upside down.

For eggplant lovers, this will be one of your favorite recipes. This can be a vegetarian dish if you remove the meat. And since most Arabian dishes are made all throughout the Middle-East, it is very normal to have several accents for the dish, and different ingredients.

Now Maqloubeh is a dish famous to have been originated from Palestinian families, and some people refer to it as Maqlouba, and some as Maqloubeh. At home, we call it Maqloubeh. And we make it with eggplants, lamb meat, tomatoes and red pepper. Of course the rice is essential in this dish. But in other houses, families, and locations, Maqloubeh is sometimes made with chicken instead of the lamb, and some make it with cauliflower instead of the eggplant. And to some they mix the two, and to others, they add potatoes. And yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear other different ingredients.

Last but not least, Palestinians love garnishing all their main dishes with roasted pine nuts and almonds. Maqlouba is always served with yogurt and salad on the side. You will love it. I promise.


Makes enough for 6 people – 1hr 1/2 total time required

مطبخ سوزي

طريقة عمل المقلوبة الفلسطنية بلحم و البيتنجان

وقت الطهي: ساعة و نصف – عدد: ٦ شخص

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How to make Middle-Easteen Meat Balls, Kofta in Tomato sauce | طريقة عمل كفتة بالبندور

Kofta in Tomato | Kafta | كفتة بالبندورة.

Middle-Eastern Meat balls or what is known to the Arabs as the Tomato Kofta also known as Kafta Kebab with tomato sauce  كفتة بالبندورة, كفتة بلطماطم

Kebab is a very popular Middle Eastern dish, but did you ever hear of Kufta? Kufta stands for Meat balls in Arabic. A very general dish. It is served almost everywhere around the world only with the different types of flavoring depending on the food culture of the country. Beef with curry sauce, Beef with coconut sauce or Orange sauce, Meat Balls, Beef stew, Kebab, Souvlaki….

In the Middle East, Meat balls are popular, but we know them as Kufta or in other Arabian accents Kefta, Kafta, or Kofta. They are made very similar to how the Kebab are made, only cooked a little different and garnished with different flavors. You can have a Middle Eastern Kufta with tomato sauce, tahini sauce, or pomegranate molasses.

Today, I will be sharing with you the very original common “Kefta bil bandoura” which stands for Kofta in Tomato sauce. Some people like to add potatoes and red pepper, some people like to add eggplants and onions. But today, my talented mother and favorite chef in the world decided to only concentrate it with fresh tomatoes.

Enjoy the recipe, and have pita bread handy for this dish can be eaten by fork or with bread.


Makes enough for 6 people – 1hr 1/2 total time required

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