Who said the Grinch stole Christmas from the MiddleEast ?

January 1st 2015,

Webdeh, Fuheis, Amman, Jordan

Stereotypes are pathetic… Yes the Middle-East is a mess, but the people are as human as everyone else around the world. We are people from different backgrounds, mentalities, beliefs, and profession. The Grinch never steals christmas from the hearts of those who wish to celebrate it, and the Grinch did not steal Christmas or New Year from the Middle-East. At least I am sure about Jordan & Palestine.

Jordan has flourished in celebrating this year, it has been very festive in several locations, and areas, Santa was all over the city, and Christmas Trees were decorated in public main attractions and in-front of houses and neighborhoods. Christmas is not only celebrated by Christians, many Jordanians and Palestinians who practice Islam or other religions also like to celebrate Christmas, write resolutions and wish everyone a happy New Year.

It is a mess almost everywhere around the world, let us work together to create love, we do not need the Politicians or the Media to tell us what to think of one another ,or how to predict the lives of other nations, or judge the differences, we are all human, we share the basics of soul, energy and heart. Religion was never the reason for war, or hate, politics only use it to cover themselves with and effect on the mass, all religions preach for peace love and unity. And I am not saying that from only knowledge, but also as a Muslim who has excessive passion to meeting people from all around the world who practice different lifestyles and beliefs.

Today is the first day of a new year, let 2015 be peaceful upon us, by being part of every celebration and away from any discrimination, let us hold hands and accept one another as souls of the earth, no matter how each one of us might like to interpret the meaning of our existence or the meaning of life, it doesn’t matter, what matters is bringing up the new generation in the name of Love. Have a wonderful and blessed New Year, where ever you are around the world, no matter what you believe in and what you do not believe in, we always deserve second chances, so let us make it a happy 2015.

Love my Canon 70D


Why you should consider visiting AlSalt “السلط” ? An ancient town located in Jordan.

It truly is incredible, to feel the history speak to you through the architecture of the city. I read somewhere online that Al Salt City was built by Alexander the Great and was known as Saltus in Byzantine. I am not very familiar with the history of Al Salt, but while I was wandering around the city, I was able to learn some, and therefore, I plan to visit again, learn more and find all the historic attractions that I still haven’t located. But here, I will share with you how you can spend an awesome day enjoying what is beautiful and authentic. Read more and find more photos of what to do in Al Salt.

Most pictures are taken with a Canon 70D.

Morning Diary Day 2

Monday, September 8th 2014

Amman – 5th Circle

A new escape to the 5th circle, ear phones, one of my favorite French instrumental songs from “Amelie Soundtrack” for you to listen to, and few pictures from the below are of a Jordanian home Hana Sadiq “a well-known Iraqi traditional fashion designer”. All pictures were taken by my very favorite Canon 7D.

Have you ever tried making Home made – Hummus?

Have you ever tried making Hummus at home?

ingredients for the hummus palestinian jordanian lebanese dish chickpeas olive oil

Here is your chance a full recipe from a Middle-Eastern Mother – have it your way Hummus.

Remember a thing called Love.

Looking at my Facebook news feed everyday, seeing the world as it is today, it only brings sadness into my heart. I wish each one of us feel responsible to spread love around our circles. Remind those around us that without love compassion and empathy we can no longer go on in this world without the feeling of tranquility & peace. Since it might be the toughest time on us “specially” in the Middle-East, it is the best time for us to care for one another, be there for each other and learn to be patient and stay positive.

My heart goes out to every child that have witnessed or is witnessing anything like what is happening in #Gaza ! I pray for them to be protected mentally, physically and spiritually. They are the true victims; loosing precious members of their family, friends, homes, toys and dreams before even understanding evil’s existence in today’s world. But with our positive energy, with our love, with being there together, we can help make it easier, make their dreams come back in different forms, and most importantly help to keep the good and the love spreading in the world of today.

Let us all remember a thing called LOVE and let us work together to spread more of it and make it grow in the hearts of the world.

Children of Gaza

Children of Gaza

Photograph do not belong to me nor are they photographed by myself. They are photos collected from the web. May the world see the innocence in the children of #Gaza



Freekeh a Middle Eatern dish styled to perfection Foodart

Click here for the full recipe.


If you are not sure what to cook for this weekend, then check out my RECIPE list for options. I still haven’t posted much, but I have few recipes that should result in yummy dishes.

Yesterday I released a recipe on how to make Freekeh the Middle-Eastern way, give it a try and let me know what you think.

Have a blessed friday and enjoy your meal(s).

via Freekeh.