An Imprortant Day

So what is it that you enjoy? What is it that you connect well with? Waking up to a small good read, maybe something that will give you energy, maybe a little chat with someone dear to your heart? Maybe few photographers reminding you of the highs of life? Maybe your tiny prayer book, few candles with your perfect scent? Maybe some native music, local music or symphony? What is it the makes your light shine? What is it the makes your cheek rise? Closing your eyes to a song that will only take you deep within your heart, connect, stay, sit, there inside your own self, sit, legs crossed, hands open, eyes closed, a smile, a soft cotton smile, let it soften every cell in your body, feel blissful, aroused to the idea of being elevated, now what is it that you want about today that you want to make happen? How can you imagine the process of what you are about to do, will go well, imagine it all from the very smallest, tiniest details, just go through it using your imagination, a magical option we all have within us, make your process the perfect way, feel the feeling you anticipate to feel, feel them deeply, hold into them, feel them and repeat them and say them, and attach yourself to them, watch your body vibrate light all around you, see them as sun rays going to all angles, see them spread and connect with other human beings who also need them, see your pink potion surround you with love, see that pink potion is only filing your ground, feel the amount of love one may have inside of each of us, feel it spread all around you like a hot steam that looks more like smoke, like cloud, pink, safe, loving, warm, and homogeneous.

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What to expect when going on a Safari trip

We planned to try all the camping options during out trip. We booked a night in a Semi-Luxury camp, a night in a regular camp and a night in a luxury camp. The semi-luxury camp was great, we had our private bathroom inside the tent, and we had a separate beautiful tent for breakfast and dinner. We hear the roar of lions at night and the sound of other wild animals. The regular camp was the most adventurous, as we literally have seen a hyena before going to bed, they offered a shared bathroom hall that were located a minute walking distance but was still unfavored and not recommended to be used during the night time, and a cafeteria serving both breakfast and dinner, the food was poorly done, but the experience was incredible. Our luxury camp which I was truly looking forward to was a total rip off. It was located outside of Serengeti, yet outside the wild, it was just like any hotel. It was a beautiful hotel, but luxury camps inside Serengeti offer an unforgettable experience which i totally recommend, even if you have to put a few hundred bucks on top of your budget, do it, you will never regret it, just make sure you see photos of what it will look like and compare it with other luxury camps available.

Creative Writing on my Safari Experience:

When love is nature,

And nature is love,

When looking at earth as a one big piece of art,

When nothing makes sense because everything makes pure sense,

When life taps you on the shoulder to tell you one word, Love.

Because without love, nothing is nourished,

Because without love, everything is dead.

Because to love we belong,

And without love we can never belong.

Because seeing this world can change like every climate,

We choose to see things the way we wish to see them,

We can always look on the other side, but there is always someone looking into our side,

Because no one knows how long we will stay where we are,

And how far we can go to where we want to go,

Life can be a puzzle or a simple passage,

A passage that we can curate or walk through accepting all possible changes,

Life is nothing but a piece of big art,

Big huge painting that can never be framed because it is always changing,

Free of one criteria and free of one identity,

It is open, and spacious, it is multinational and diverse,

It is made for everyone and yet made to no one,

It is so random, yet it so miraculous,

It is always a reflection of what we seek to see,

So seek for good, seek for love, and be that love you wish to see.

safari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyara

safari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari-tanzania-serengetti-safari-animal-jungle-113safari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyarasafari, tanzania, jungle, serengeti, ngorongoro crater, lake manyara


The Letter B – حرف ال ب

Sufi mystics say the secret of the Qur’an lies in the verse Al-Fatiha.
And the secret of Al-Fatiha lies in Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

And the quintessence of Bismillah is the letter Ba,

And there is a dot below that letter…

The dot underneath the B embodies the entire universe…


From the book – Forty Rules of Love

– Kilimanjaro View

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Love at First Sight

No filter… Just like the transformation of your heart… All you got to do is sit and watch it take transformation, let it take its full shape, lightness, softness, let it become flawless, clean, crystal clear, transparent, let it glow, be serenely powerful, let your heart be arousing, beaming, radiant and very magical. It is just like “love at first sight” you know it as soon as you see it, you look into it and you only see your better self through it. 

It is just like your taste buds, you can tell by the very first drip of it, the sweetness & sourness of it. And here I am just watching one of the most beautiful sunsets that transformed a sun’s reflection into the most sheer candle light. 

It was a dusty horizon and because of that it managed to be miraculous. Dead Sea 


Quote of the day – On Sufism

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Even if sorrow conquers the horizons, Someone held by love will not be sad. A single speck of love that danced with love will conquer the world and the next. Shams-e-Tabrizi

For the love of Zebras

For balance, for improvement, for being wild and free. A life inspired by Zebras is a life full of adventure. Kind, aloof, appealing, and diverse. To a life that is all about balance, giving and not taking but learning. A life that is about community, surrounding yourself with the right elements of life to be who you are born to become. A life that is generous, that is unlimited, that is infinite, that is abundant. It gives you, it feeds you, it challenges you, only to make you a better version of your own self. To Zebras, for the love of Zebras, for inspiring us, Human, to be unique, like a print, that can not be identical but can be very similar. To company, to reflection, to having a partner in life who can look you in the eyes to show you what a brave one you have been, to mothers and fathers, who are ideals, who are leaders, to their children, if not to the world. They stand their ground, they raise their shield, they put you first, they surround you with protection and love. To independency, that is limited, yet free of boundaries, to being your self, but being true to others, to being there for yourself and to everyone else. To great company, to accepting, to playing, to enjoying life, to dancing for life, to learning about love, to give love. To be generous in giving love, to nature, to everything natural, to being like nature, changing in seasons and only surprising us with a more beautiful version of yourself.

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When we begin to feel free at last of past hurts, able to fearlessly love again…

“It isn’t easy, giving birth to our spiritual potential. Spiritual labor can be very arduous – one holy instant at a time, when we give up, surrender, soften, don’t care if we’re right, forgo our impatience, detach from the opinions and prizes of the world, and rest in the arms of God. But at the end result is the love of our lives. We begin to feel more comfortable within ourselves, less laden by the chronic angst that marks the times in which we live. We begin to feel free at last of past hurts, able to fearlessly love again. We begin to exhibit the maturity and strength that were lacking in our personalities before. A new energy emanates from who we are, and others can see it too.” From the book a Year full of Miracles