Treat your worries like the addicts treat nicotine when they decide to quit, worry less every day until you are worry free.

We attract what we expect and what we over expect we attract the very opposite. We carry our worries around not knowing that they only cause pain and absolutely nothing more. How to walk without them is just uneasy but the truth is we were born without them and we have only piled them up as we walked our feet throughout our lives. Our basic nature is without worrying but our habit have become to worry and make everyone else worry with us. It’s time to let go, walk with your body without any backpacks without any pain or looking back without any expectations or fixed plans… Just worry free, with your body as light as it is and you will feel lighter without them. Our future is not running away from us and what is bound to happen good or bad will eventually happen. Create your list of what you wish to do but give it freedom, plan your meet ups but also give it freedom, carry your baby for 9 months and give it freedom to be who it is… Give your mind the freedom this life offer, for we were born into life free of everything except for our parents who were a given and what they include in our lives and then what everyone else includes and then what we include… And remember they are all additions. Treat your worries like the addicts treat nicotine when they decide to quit, worry less every day until your worry free. Now lets enjoy this magical life… ❤️


Follow your heart & Empty yourself to find your Ultimate Joy

Just follow your heart. You will stumble upon millions of distractions but just follow your heart. Listen and observe and feel the attractions & distractions but at the end always follow your heart. Learn the difference between your emotions that shall help you follow your heart. “The Prophet Mohammad PBUH once said to someone “You have no peace because sorrow’s purpose is to empty you of previous joys. So long as food fills your stomach, you are not given new food to eat. During elimination, we eat nothing. When we are empty and hungry, then we are given food. Be patient and grieve, for grieving is the emptying of yourself. After you are empty, then joy can enter—a joy with no sorrow, a rose without a thorn, a wine without crop-sickness.”” Enjoy your day, enjoy the best of today, enjoy experiencing the inner growth, the inner self and all the experience around it. ☀️ have a wonderful start of the week.

Amman Jordan

The moments between the big events in my life

Today I decided to enjoy the moments between the big moments. Every once in a while you need to stand up and look at your achievements and give your self the credit you deserve. Celebrate a little, you deserve to cherish yourself and treat yourself with the self-awareness you ought to have. Life is not a big splash of major events to happen everyday in your life. Without the logging between the events you will never experience growth. So grasp this moment because you have it and it deserves your awareness and love for without it, how will you get to your next big thing ? Love your being, love the moment when you are still wondering if this is your true purpose or is there something yet bigger, and yes if you want something bigger or better or simpler or different then be hopeful for your being hasn’t stopped growing. As long as your being is still thirsty to fulfill its curiosity then you still have space to grow even more. Trust this life for it has already given you gifts and showed you its miracles, trust that with your constant positive thoughts and striving you will still experience more. Meanwhile, praise and be kind to yourself for you are still alive.

Amman City of Jordan

Stumbles in life.


Life is about stumbling.

We stumble on our way, even when we set a goal, or we are focused, know our way, or have a target. We stumble everyday; we meet people we never ask for, we reach places never thought of, we get ideas we never expected, we reach new horizons we never explored. How we view stumbling can be annoying, a slow down, or a waste of time, but can also be viewed to be a beautiful surprise, a bound experience, a lucky meet, and a choice to open our arms and welcome it even if it is not great.

If we give our stumbles a wide eye, an open heart, a listening ear, we might find ourselves only reaching closer to the truth, to our inner soul, to what we truly want. The choices, the goals, the questions we set in life are all based on experience, and projections we have built throughout our life. Sometimes they are what we truly want, and sometimes they turn to be not.

Stumbling can be our assurance to where we are heading, or can be our transformation of our decisions in life. It will either show us a new road, a new drive into our soul, or it will guarantee to us that where we want to reach or plan to achieve is truly what we want and who we truly are to be.

So let us look forward to stumble, upon the good and the bad while we are heading somewhere, and let us view the stumbles as a reassurance, a motivational test and view it as part of the secretes of life.

Enjoy Stumbling.

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