Live your life in happiness in love and in wisdom

Life is too short to keep hiding in a box, get out there, be out there, share your wisdom your happiness your positive thoughts and feelings. Where will you go if you stay inside your box? Afraid of consequences and rejection? What is life without them ? So what if things didn’t work out a zillion times? but you have gained trying, experiencing, living. Live, love, laugh, enjoy, breath, play and share. Get out there, get out from your box. The only rules there, are those you have set for yourself, the only limits are, this you have drawn for yourself. Life was made for you to sculpt with. If you choose what you think is right verses what you feel is right then it is your choice. Sculpt life the way you feel it is right, sculpt because you can make a difference, because it is made for sculpture, because you feel for a reason. Have a wonderful day, starting with positive thoughts, feelings and wishful thinking. ❤️🙏


Morning Diary Day 12 – Berlin’s Street Art

Tuesday, October 21st 2014

Berlin, Germany

Walk throughout Neukolln neighborhood, visit the open air East Side Gallery with the international street art graffiti, pass by the hackeschen markt and reflect within:

What is life if it wasn’t created for us to sees each other in it. Earth is round for a reason, we each live in the total opposite of one another. We all reflect on each other.. What I see in you I see in me and it is wonderful to experience the warmth of our souls connecting through soil. We are all one united through light thread and spirit. Looking deep into history I resemble repetition in everything only in different uniforms and labels. It is like we live the lives of our ancestors when they lived the lives of our reflectors. Start looking through the eyes of one another as your own reflection, look deep into their souls and realize that in there is the kingdom of treasures. Miracles do happen and wishes come true, but if you don’t put a little effort in there then it is not worth wishing, for nothing is meant to happen effortlessly and nothing requires the whole wide world to change in harmony with your beliefs and thoughts. You alone can set foot, open a new door or fix a broken one. Alone through energies of one another, through the soil that unites our energies, one person can make a difference.

Add one positive thing into your life everyday

From where I stand … A beautiful piece lies In front of my eyes … Beautiful pieces r waiting to be created everyday, creativity is a mean for everyone to use & it is a drive from our imagination. Everyday let us add one new thing into our life, add one new thought, feeling, piece, prayer, dress, friend as long as it is one positive thing into our life, everyday. This is a handmade coffee table that I saw at a dear friends place & decided to add it into my life & share it. Have a wonderful Saturday ☀️ ☕️ #PositiveLiving



Campo De’Fiori

Campo De’Fiori.

Have you been to the “Field of Flowers” ? Campo De’Fiori is an area located in the heart of Rome and it is not to be missed. If you haven’t been and wish to browse, then check out my page where ever you are around the world and have a taste of this incredibly urban area.

a very urban entrance to a furniture boutique

I have enjoyed walking around with my comfortable shoes, camera, and a small notebook, looking at the architecture, finding exquisite shops with colored bicycles around corners and little flower pots next to doors, the sound of different music coming out of each shop, listening to the people and their beautiful Italian language engage in laughter and discussions, reading and writing my favorite street finds, and looking into local designer boutique shops that consist of different character and unique furnishing. Camp De’Fiori makes you feel at home, it makes you feel like you belong, every inch of every street is taken care of with visible love, from colored chairs, to plants on its windows, colored walls, clean streets, the vintage doors and frames that speak history, different street tiling and wall stones. There is a feeling of genuine peace in Campo De’Fiori… take a look 🙂

Campo De'Fiori

Click Here

via Campo De’Fiori.


Life on a broken wheel


Tires break. They exhaust, they travel distance and they get ruined.

By listening, by feeling by understanding we will stop our engine and check our tires. If one is broken we fix it or maybe change it to a new one.

In life, our soul is the engine, our wheels are our choices in life; career, love, family, friends… Being aware, is being able to listen to our inner soul.
In usual cases, we keep going, we break our tires and we hurt both our body and soul. The more we run over our broken wheel, the deeper we scratch and ache.

It is a challenge to completely stop when we think we are on our way, but life on a broken wheel will only break us apart.

So I choose to listen to myself carefully and to stop completely when I feel my wheel might be broken. I stop and take a look, rest to fix or change my broken wheel. I choose to see the challenge as a reviving opportunity. A new tire, a new way, and stronger way.

a picture taken in goa with 2 indians traveling on a motorbike

A life on a stronger wheel. 

Walk the River

Tevere – River.

There is nothing more beautiful than to walk around a river, specially if it was surrounded by authentic architecture.

Just take a walk, discover what is new, spend a full day on your feet walking around from district to district, street to street and enjoy your findings.

The tevere (also known as tiber) is the 3rd longest river in Italy and it is located in Rome.

Enjoy your walk and check our my photo diary of the Tevere by clicking on the following picture.

a group of people canoeing at tevere the river of rome

Castle St’Angelo Photo Diary

It is the time of the year to travel, and at this exact same time last year, I decided to visit Rome.

Talk about Ancient Monuments in Rome? Here is a great one:

Castel Saint’Angelo (Castle of the Holy Angel) also known as The Mausoleum of Hadrian is a true gem to Rome. By clicking on the below photo you will be redirected to my photo diary of Saint’Angelo. Hope you enjoy it and leave me your comments. 🙂

tourists walking at the saint angelo entrance

Click on this photo to redirect to Saint’Angelo Photo Diary