To the Intelligent

The meanest earning that goes on in the world,

is it ever practiced without the guidance of a master?

It begins with knowledge and is followed by action

That it may yield fruit after a while or after death.

Apprentice yourself, O possessor of intelligence,

To a generous and righteous craftsman.

Seek the pearl in the oyster-shell, my brother,

And seek craftsmanship from the skilled.

If you meet sincere spiritual counselors,

Deal fairly with them, and be eager to learn:

Don’t put on any airs.

If a tanner wears a threadbare coat,

That doesn’t diminish the master’s mastery;

If the blacksmith with massive biceps

Wears a patched apron while flexing the bellows,

His reputation doesn’t plummet in people’s eyes,

So strip the raiment of pride from your body:

In learning, put on the garment of humility.

Rumi – Mathnawi

DailyPrompt on Layers

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