Art in Venice


When you step into a city, where everywhere you look, looks beautiful, you realize that art is truly in everything.

In my blog post on Venice, I have decided to write less and post more photographs, because pictures speak for themselves. From the streets of Venice, to its gloomy days, sunlight, sunrise, sunset, architecture, water, people, shops, interior and exterior, this city is magnificent. It was created to identify the meaning of beautiful.

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Art in Venice.


A bride in between all the people and tourists in piazza saint marco

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Architecture in venice is breathtaking specially with the beautiful cute little windows and decorations art is in everything white flowersA gondola and a gondolier at the Grand Canal venezia

Villa Borghese

Villa Borghese.

If you live in a city that has beautiful parks, my advice is to take advantage and spend some time there.

In Rome; I decided to spend a day at Villa Borghese, and all I can say about it is in my photo diary.

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 Close of rome view from villa borghese

via Villa Borghese.